AiYellow to present its Yellow Trading Coin YTC Token and give a detailed description of its implementation and its most most significant features.Since 2007, and with more than 11 years operating in the global marketplace, The commercial directory of AiYellow and its business community – formed by millions of participants – is not a project for the future but a current reality that continues to grow and improve daily.

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"Values correspond to THE BIG JUMP! (Official Launch: March 1st, 2020)"

8.5 / 10

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6 + referral


Receive free 40 YTC tokens withAiYellow Airdrop

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Oops, Too late! This airdrop is already closed.

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How to join?

  • 1. Sign up with Aiyellow Website and verify your email.(40 YTC)
  • 2. Login into dashboard and submit your profile details.(10 YTC)
  • 3. And also share a testimony.(10 YTC)
  • 4. Also invite friends to earn 10 YTC tokens worth of $1.50 USD for each valid referral.

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