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What is EOS?

EOS is a second generation blockchain platform that is run by the community, in order to develop dapps (decentralized applications). EOS offers a complete solution to make dapp development really easy. It is quite similar to Ethereum in terms of functionality, but it is being considered as being even better than it. In fact many are referring to EOS as the Ethereum killer. In time EOS is to become the leading blockchain dapp platform. It is already going strong, but it is not an easy feat. The main aim is to continue to smoothly scale to thousands of transactions in a matter of seconds, and to do this as securely as possible. EOS was created by Block.one, whose founders are highly experienced in the cryptocurrency market. Their vision was to offer a blockchain dapp platform which could offer a secure and accessible solution to app developers, entrepreneurs and users in general. Through EOS, dapps used in the blockchain can basically make use of functions and services, thereby making EOS very helpful and almost like an operating system for those who are engaged in the blockchain field. Some of the services offered include cloud storage, server hosting and user authentication. Users will be able to have accounts, at different permission levels, store data, access databases and much more. App developers have found EOS as being awesome since they can not only build apps and deploy them with hosting and cloud storage, but also make use of the usage analytics as well as the download bandwidth provided by the system. An application built on EOS is free to use. Another great thing about EOS is that the community can take care of bug fixing, as well as the upgrading of apps, ensuring that there is more security as well as improved performance. EOS’s blockchain is great since it is not only promoting an infinite scalability level, but it is also charging zero fees for transactions. Tools on the platform are simple to use, and the whole platform is very innovative and gaining popularity.

What is EOS Airdrop?

In simple words, an EOS airdrop is when EOS tokens get distributed for free, to participants who hold EOS accounts. To be able to receive the EOS tokens, users should own an EOS account. Depending on the airdrops terms, the free tokens can be delivered directly to the EOS wallets, without registration. But usually, projects require the participants to register at the project’s official site and/or join social channels.

How to open EOS wallet?

First things first, you will need an EOS Account. EOS account is a pivotal role which will allow you to perform actions in the EOS platform such as sending or receiving tokens, staking, as well as voting. Each EOS account will be connected to a public key and private key. These keys are the safety measure which grant you as the sole holder of your account. The public key will be visible by all the users using your network. Meanwhile, private keys are kept for you only. Before creating an EOS account, you will need to create a key pair that consists of the public key and private key. You could create the key pair through a popular tool named Scatter. We recommend you read more at https://www.reddit.com/r/eos/comments/9y54yp/eos_getting_started_helpful_links/

Which EOS wallets are recommended?

For desktop ETH wallet, we recommend "Scatter" If you want a right-wallet, you can try "Greymass". The best hardware wallet for EOS is probably Ledger. For mobile wallets we recommend "EOS Lynx" and "TokenPocket".