BIT is the first token supported by Internet assets with monthly dividends and an average yield of 25% per year.

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"The distribution of BIT tokens will be after the completion of the fourth round of #IEO. "

9.0 / 10

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July 13, 2019

Receive free 20 BIT tokens withBarin Airdrop

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Barin monetizes websites through advertising: get dividends and pay advertising with the BIT token. 

How to join?

Steps 4-13 are optional. The more tasks you do, the more BIT you earn!

  • 1. Go to the Airdrop form.
  • 2. Register an account on their website.
  • 3. Join their Telegram Channel and Telegram group. (2 BIT)

    [Optional] - Earn more BIT by doing any of the tasks below:
  • 4. Subscribe on their Facebook page. (2 BIT) Leave 1 comment. (1 BIT)
  • 5. Invite friends to like their Facebook page. (2 BIT)
  • 6. Subscribe on their Twitter page. (2 BIT) Leave 1 comment. (1 BIT)
  • 7. Subscribe on their LinkedIn page. (2 BIT)
  • 8. Subscribe on their Steem page. (2 BIT)
  • 9. Leave 1 quality comment. (2 BIT)
  • 10. Subscribe on their SubReddit.(2 BIT) Leave 1 comment. (1 BIT)
  • 11. Subscribe on their Youtube. (2 BIT) Leave 1 comment. (1 BIT)
  • 12. Record a video about the Barin project - (20 BIT)- Important The video must be at least 3 minutes describing either the general impression of the project, the benefits of investing certain functions.
  • 13. Write an article about Barin project - (20 BIT) - the minimum number of words is 500

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