Bella Protocol

Bella Protocol is an aggregated user interface for existing Decentralized Finance (DeFi) protocols. Built by the ARPA project team, Bella Protocol aims to simplify the user experience of existing DeFi protocols and to allow users to deploy their assets and earn yield with ease.

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48 days

Sept. 30, 2020

Receive free 1 BEL tokens withBella Protocol Airdrop

Required tools:

Bella Protocol and ARPA Chain are jointly airdropping a total of 2,000,000 BEL tokens to ARPA holders. Hold your ARPA tokens on the supported exchanges during the snapshot period to receive free BEL at a ratio of 5,000 ARPA: 1 BEL.

How to join:

  • 1. Hold ARPA tokens on an exchange that will be supporting the BEL airdrop
  • 2. There will be a total of eight rounds, which will last over the course of two years
  • 3. The first round will start with a snapshot at 00:00 UTC+8 on Sept 30 and ends on Oct 15. For the complete list of rounds and snapshot dates, see this table:
    RoundsSnapshot startsSnapshot endsAmount of BEL
         130/9/202015/10/2020250,000 BEL
         230/12/202014/1/2021250,000 BEL
         330/3/202114/4/2021250,000 BEL
         430/6/202115/7/2021250,000 BEL
         530/9/202115/10/2021250,000 BEL
         630/12/202114/1/2022250,000 BEL
         730/3/202214/4/2022250,000 BEL
         830/6/202215/7/2022250,000 BEL
  • 4. Daily snapshots of your ARPA holdings on the supporting exchanges will be taken during each round.
  • 5 All eligible ARPA holders will receive free BEL at a ratio of 5,000 ARPA: 1 BEL.
  • 6 The current partner exchanges that will be supporting the airdrop are BinanceHuobi GlobalBithumbGate.ioKuCoinMXCHBTC and
  • 7 Exact details regarding snapshot time, distribution, etc will vary from exchanges to exchanges, so make sure to follow the announcements of the supporting exchanges.
  • 8 For more information regarding the airdrop, see this announcement post.

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