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PEA Farm is a farming online game ecosystem that combines financial investment from in-game profitable interactive activities.. The idea of Peafarm is to create a free online farm game for all users to experience. But in the Peafarm-game's world, you are not only participate in entertainment, but also invest and farm for profit. All items in the game such as Grapes, Cherry, Apples, Pigs, Chicken, ... and all your farming activities create valuable products converted into electronic money, exchange codes

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Receive free 70 SPEA tokens withPEA farm Airdrop

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PEA Farm airdrop is worth up to 70 SPEA tokens (~$ 35).

How to join:

  • 1. Go to the PEA Farm airdrop page.
  • 2. Follow PEA Farm on Twitter. (Mandatory, + 10 SPEA)
  • 3. Like & share a tweet of PEA Farm on Twitter. (Mandatory, + 10 SPEA)
  • 4. Join PEA Farm on Telegram group & channel. (Mandatory, + 10 SPEA)
  • 5. Like & share PEA Farm on Facebook.
  • 6. Chat with PEA Farm on the PEA Farm fanpage. (Mandatory, + 10 SPEA)
  • 7. Complete the optional tasks to earn up to 70 SPEA tokens.

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