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The Telos Foundation is an apolitical body with a mission of promoting the Telos Blockchain Network. The Foundation is a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) elected by holders of Telos Foundation Voting Tokens as defined in the Telos Blockchain Network Operating Agreement, a core Telos governance document. Telos has been featured in Cointelegraph. TLOS is the native cryptocurrency of the Telos Network. Telos is an based blockchain, the fuel of the Telos Network and can be utilized to stake for or rent application resources. ProBit Exchange is a leading cryptocurrency exchange based in Seoul. ProBit is leading the way towards real innovation in the cryptocurrency space. The exchange stands out with its security standards, low trading fees, and a big number of trading pairs available.

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11 days

May 10, 2020

Receive free TLOS tokens withTelos x ProBit Exchange Airdrop

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Telos x ProBit Exchange Airdrop is worth up to 37 TLOS tokens (~$ 1). Share your referral link to earn 7 TLOS tokens for each. The referee will also receive 7 TLOS tokens. 

How to join

  • 1. Register for the Telos x ProBit Exchange Airdrop, by creating an account on Probit Exchange. 
  • 2. Verify your mail & Log in to your account.
  • 3. Go to My Page of your ProBit account, click ‘Add phone’, and complete phone verification. Users do not need to perform KYC to participate. (+17 TLOS)
  • 4. Download and install the ProBit Android App & Rate the Android App honestly. Preferably 5 stars!
  • 5. After installing the app, fill out this form. (+10 TLOS)
  • 6. Follow ProBit Exchange on Facebook
  • 7. Follow ProBit Exchange on Twitter.
  • 8. Follow the CEO of ProBit Exchange on Twitter.
  • 9. Follow ProBit Exchange on Instagram.
  • 10. Complete the following form. (+10 TLOS)
  • 11. Share your referral link to earn 7 TLOS tokens for each. The referee will also receive 7 TLOS tokens.

For more information regarding the Airdrop & Rules, See the Official Announcement.

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