A Real Airdrop by Binanace

July 8, 2018 | by Michael, Airdroprating.io


Written by: Michelle, AirdropRating.io

I’m sure by now, we all must have been familiar with the meaning of airdrop in the crypto world. However, if you’re still ignorant of the term, just as a quick reminder, Crypto airdrops are affiliated with Blockchain-based startups, who often give out their coins or tokens as a means to promoting themselves. And often times as a result of this, they do gain a lot of popularity by engaging in giveaway activities, in exchange for simple tasks.


And so every day, we have on airdroprating.io new companies giving away free coins and tokens.  I mean, with such a huge volume of "airdrops", you wouldn’t blame us for forgetting the actual meaning of this word. Would you?


Also today in the news, we have heard of how one of the most prominent crypto exchangers in the world donated $1 Million to Flood Victims in Japan and Calls on Crypto Community’s Support.


Now on hearing this, and comparing it to the definition of an airdrop, we can view airdrops as airplanes coming out of the sky, dropping tons’ of money, in order to help the needy. And in this case, there is no need perform tasks in order to receive it, just pure and instant donation, without conditions.


So in a nutshell, if the title of this post confused you, do accept my sincere apologies. Nevertheless, Binanace just made a real airdrop and donated crypto coins to flood victims. So, when Binance makes the crypto airdrop as we know it, we will be the first to let you know, but until then, Binanace do deserve some accolades for their real donation towards people who needs it the most.