Ahrvo Project Review

April 17, 2019 | by Mike Albert, AirdropRating.io


Key Stats

Name/Token Symbol:  Ahrvo (RVO)
Industry:  Stock
Number of Tokens:  500,000,000
Website Url:  https://ahrvo.io/
White Paper Url:  http://ahrvo.io/public/frontend/documents/Ahrvo-Whitepaper.pdf


Traditional equity markets are laced with a lot of inefficiencies which typically scares away new investors. To become proficient in the market, a new trader has to familiarize himself with how the market works, be able to read charts and follow the financial happenings of the market. Although this is necessary to build experience, it can become a herculean task for individuals with regular jobs. Monitoring over 8000 stocks and ETFs is not an easy feat.

After scaling through the knowledge barrier, an individual must deal with possible loss of data and security breaches common with a centralized system, low to zero-level of transparency in how things are done, as well as restricted brokerage access.


Ahrvo claims to be building the first A.I powered decentralized exchange, AhrvoDEEX. According to their website, AhrvoDEEX is a peer-to-peer decentralized equity exchange that enables profitable trading by using multifactor ranking systems and deep learning algorithms that create smart equity scores and price targets to streamline the trading process.
The company’s vision and mission revolve around helping investors make better decisions, as well as creating intuitive investment solutions.

AhrvoDEEX has practical applications that will bring access, speed, efficiency, and transparency to equity markets.
At the bottom of all these technical jargons is the fact that Ahrvo uses predictive analytics and data mining to score stocks. This is particularly useful because instead of having to spend hours or possibly days following a company and monitoring their every move, an individual could just check what their score is on Ahrvo. AhrvoScores reveals the overall health of a stock using 4 key metrics – Quality, Value, Growth and Momentum.

Roadmap & Milestones

Ahrvo has been in the market since 2017 and they already have a minimum viable product, which is a good thing. Some noteworthy milestones and positive markers of the Ahrvo project include filing 2 provisional patents and 1 utility patent. Additionally, they managed to secure $150,000 in venture capital funding a little over a year after starting. All these points to a working team and a viable product.

Upcoming milestones include the release of their incubator network, the launching of the desktop version of the app, registering as a broker-dealer, and the launch of testnet and mainnet.


Ahrvo already has a working product that has received a lot of positive comments and recognition from the media. This speaks volumes of the ability of the team. The team is headed by Appo Agbamu and comprises of 8 other members which varying areas of expertise. There are also 6 advisors.


Talk is cheap in the cryptocurrency industry. Countless projects have promised heaven on earth, only to end up as total disappointments. Ahrvo appears to have all the dots figured out; from patenting their propriety technology to having a working product, a solid team and previous funding. This is definitely one of the blockchain projects to keep an eye on.