Aluna.Social review

Jan. 9, 2020 | by Mike Albert

Built for cryptocurrency traders and investors, Aluna Social incorporates a social media platform with an API trading platform which is integrated with first-rate cryptocurrency exchanges. The multi-purpose exchange and social trading network; fuse copy trading features with public profiles to implement a streamlined medium of social, transactional, and trading interactions. 

The network aims to provide users with a trading mechanism that can be used to link multiple crypto platforms onto one main interface. The live multi-exchange support serves to improve the quality of the lives of traders by making the whole trading experience much smoother and easier. 

Features of Aluna Social

The developing trading platform possesses exciting features with upgrades being made to foster trustworthy and reliable service delivery. Some of the features include:

•    Multipurpose Crypto Platform: Users no longer have to log into their accounts on several exchange platforms; instead they have an easy-to-use medium that connects all their exchange accounts on a single interface. This is made possible through the network’s API trading execution engine. 
•    Absolute Transparency: All the trading activities and transactions made on the decentralized platform is secure and free from any foul practices. The signal providers available on the network are reliable and can be spotted through public profiles, which shows their unforgeable trading history as well as their current trades. 
•    Sentiment Analysis: The history and direction of the trading community are made visible to the users for referencing. They can make use of any information gotten to stake on trading positions and future market possibilities
•    Gamification: The integration of social facilities with a trading environment results in a gamified medium that allows beginner and expert traders to interact in ways that are beneficial to all parties. 


Tools on Aluna Social

The social crypto network has basic and advanced trading tools necessary for traders to foster a flourishing trading environment. Here are some of the tools available for the traders.

•    Custom Chart Layouts: Traders can create charts, based on their data preferences, which can be used to analyze market trends before making the necessary informed market decisions. 

•    Copy-Trading and Counter-Trading: Users have access to decentralized, advanced, and powerful copy-trading and counter-trading tools on Aluna Social.

•    Sending Signals through TradingView: Active traders can make use of the technical analysis tool, TradingView, to research market information and partner with other active traders.

•    Automation of Signals through TradingView: The platform can be used to automate trading signals based on custom preferences set by the trader.

•    Leaderboard: There is a public leaderboard on the network the trader can refer to for keeping track of other crypto traders and their activities. 

•    BitMEX Integration: The cryptocurrency derivatives exchange, BitMEX, is also available for traders to make use of. 


The developing platform holds potential in fostering a trading environment that adds a lot of value to the cryptocurrency community. Navigating through several accounts on different exchange platforms can be quite strenuous for beginner traders as well as experts. 
This network aims to bridge all crypto exchange platforms on a single interface, which can make the whole trading experience a lot more streamlined. The security of the network is also guaranteed to ensure that sensitive information of traders is kept private and out of the hands of third parties.