Are Airdrops Worth It? What’s the Catch?

July 1, 2018 | by Michael,

“Nothing goes for nothing, even in Freetown.” You may have probably come across this saying. And this is why the idea of “airdrops” seems ridiculous to most people. To most crypto enthusiasts, it is time-wasting trying to earn free crypto tokens by doing close to nothing. So, are airdrops really worth it? Do participants earn free money, and at what cost?

The Catch

First, it is necessary to clear the air on what airdrops really are. An airdrop is a social engagement/marketing strategy by a crypto-based company. The basic idea is to create some buzz around an upcoming project or ICO. The larger the number of supporters or fan base backing a project, the higher the chances are for the project to increase in value and gain traction. So, in simple terms, companies get the support and information of users, in exchange for a few tokens, during airdrops.

Are They Worth It?

Although the value of the tokens gotten during airdrops can be anywhere around few cents to a couple of dollars, depending on the nature of tasks performed, you can earn a decent amount of money participating in airdrops.

One of the most important things to do is to stay organized. Not every airdrop may be worth your time. Projects that require you to do a lot of tasks for just a few cents should not be on your list. So, you need to spend some time sieving out the good from the bad.

With so many airdrop programs running simultaneously, it is expected that the value of some of these tokens will be worth $0 in the coming months, while others may spike in prices. The key is to be patient and HODL these potentially profitable tokens. helps simplify the whole process by providing up to date and detailed reviews on the latest airdrops in the crypto space.