Benefits of airdrops

Feb. 12, 2020 | by Larry Steve

Gaining popularity in the cryptocurrency world, Airdrops are new tokens offered by crypto projects to garner attention and interest around their platform and features. The airdrops can be switched for money or other tokens on crypto exchange platforms that offer such services.

The tokens, however, have to be enlisted as part of the crypto tokens on the platform, of which there are multiple substitutes. The distribution of airdrops is free and can be obtained at any location around the world after passing through the process on each distinct token platform.

Airdrops are offered through Initial Coin Offerings (ICO), Security Token Offering (STO), an Initial Exchange Offering (IEO). All of these are fund-raising mediums used to create buzz around a developing or new project. A wallet address can be used to receive the airdrops after passing the verification process; the airdrops are legitimate and even used by some of the established players in the crypto community.

Airdrops hold a lot of value for the end-users; here are some highlights of their benefits:

1. Source of Rewards for Loyal Investors

Airdrops are used by numerous token platforms to reward new and existing customers who show support for their tokens. The offerings are used to build a lasting relationship and motivate them to continue using their products and services. All investors who make commitments to fresh tokens at an early stage stand to realize profits at a later time.

2. Effective Leads Capture

Airdrops are mostly marketing strategy used to generate as many leads as possible on new tokens in the crypto markets. The consumers are always attracted to free promotions and airdrops is an excellent way to convert potential customers into active users of the coins. Data obtained from the interactions of users is analyzed and used to streamline each marketing plays deployed for each user.

3. Trial Before Any Commitment

Airdrops give you the chance to try out new tokens before making any financial commitment to them. This way, you can get a comprehensive overview of the tokens and how they work. The airdrops come with no strings attached and allow you to figure out if it’s best for you. Since the airdrops themselves have real value, it’s safe to say you have nothing to lose by trying out the crypto tokens. It’s basically a risk-free form of entry into the crypto community.

4. Value Increment

Airdrops,Just like other cryptocurrency tokens, tend to increase in value, sometimes really high. There have been instances where the value of the tokens peaked at the end of the campaign, with many holders reaping the profits that come along with them.

5. Free Token

Nobody hates free things, especially those you can change for real money. By helping the crypto projects with engagement and promotion, consumers get reciprocated with these tokens. You can make use of these tokens to clear any misunderstanding or questions about how the cryptocurrency market.

Crypto airdrops are ways to make some money on the side and a great marketing tool for the crypto project, either being developed or established. It’s also advised that you hoard some of the tokens you garner to sell at a later time in the future when the value has risen. The authenticity of the tokens must always be confirmed before taking part in their campaign.