Bitcointe review

Feb. 24, 2020 | by Larry Steve

Bitcointe is a cryptocurrency news platform that leverages its expertise and passion into delivering premier news content for the readers to take advantage of. They are involved in providing content on the current events in the cryptocurrency markets.

Such information can be useful to both newcomers as well as trading experts with investments in the cryptocurrency space. With a team of professional crypto experts, editors, and journalists, they monitor 150 different cryptocurrencies and create between 50-100 articles in their ecosystem daily.

All articles published on the news platform are categorized with semantic data through the use of Thomson Reuters Open Calais API. The integration of this tool with the platform allows readers to get access to any content they request quickly and accurately.

Featured Content

Bitcointe boasts of over 58,000 articles on its platform, with several informative contents on the inner workings of the Cryptocurrency market. At Bitcointe, they recognize that every reader coming onto their platform needs something different from the last. This is why several categories of content are made available for every kind of reader to get access to. Here are some of the high-quality content featured on their platform:

• Cryptocurrency Coins: Bitcointe delivers regular updates on Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Forks (i.e., Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Bitcoin Diamond (BCD), and Bitcoin Gold (BTG)), and a large portion of Altcoins which includes Binance Coin (BNB), Euthereum (ETH), and other tokens in the market. News on events involving these coins is available on the platform for the users to make use of. Information from the news content can be useful when making transactions or trading with these cryptocurrency assets.

• Blockchain Infrastructure: The Blockchain is crucial to the existence of cryptocurrency tokens as it serves as the backbone on which they are built and deployed. Events surrounding this critical aspect of cryptocurrency can have an impact on the investments made. Bitcointe recognizes this fact and a lot more on the potential of Blockchain; this is why they strive to provide their readers with consistent updates on news and events surrounding this critical aspect of digital currencies.

• Guides: For individuals looking for knowledge on everything about Cryptocurrency, Bitcointe is your one-stop source on everything you need to know. There are several pieces of informative guides readers can use to increase their awareness about how Blockchain works as well as how other cryptocurrencies perform and operate.

• Trading Resources: Trading is an aspect of digital cryptocurrencies and a value-driven way for individuals to make profits on their investments. Bitcointe offers its readers access to tools and resources to gain a competitive edge in the markets. The current market prices of some of the most popular cryptocurrencies, as well as trading charts, are provided on the platform for traders’ reference purposes.



Bitcointe is a credible source of information for every crypto enthusiast to check out and gain knowledge from. Their developing ecosystem aims to increase the number of cryptocurrencies being monitored to about 800-1000. They hold partnerships with several ICOs advertisers and promote new projects every week for the readers to check out. Bitcointe has also been certified as one of the Top 100 Cryptocurrency Blogs and Websites for Crypto Investors in 2020 by Feedspot Blog.