Review – Your Crypto Ad One-Stop Shop

June 6, 2019 | by Michael,

It’s odd that even though masterminds are behind most crypto projects, many marketing ploys have been as useless as a straw in a desert. We know founders like to keep a close look over all of their operations and, with its seamless interface, may be just what the doctor ordered. What we love about the platform is that just like crypto, it skips the middle man and offers an option for publishers to enlist and share a piece of the pie. offer display ads, rich media and video ads, goes by the logic of targeted CPC and CPM, making it a fully-blown crypto advertising platform. You don’t need to jump through multiple hoops to get your campaign started safely, and once it’s up and running, the ease of managing it saves you precious time. They’ve introduced a new feature, called Ad Groups, where you can pick the ads that work and reuse them with some fine-tuning. Standing tall among too many scams in crypto to remember, their advanced anti-fraud system is definitely one of the features that got them this far. 

From the digital advertising enthusiast point of view, captured Google’s keywords, now worth a small fortune. Their affiliate websites across a variety of niches stand on the shoulders of a giant. The rule set that governs them warrants that most of the people who end up seeing the ads don’t find them out of sorts and, will only click if they’re genuinely interested.

All this may seem too good to be true, but don’t take our words for it, check out one of their case studies. One of their clients had 24 times more traffic by fine-tuning their sources. To clarify, that doesn't stand for doubling their traffic in a day's time. Their impressions and clicks, the two things that matter the most to attract new customers, saw a 24 fold increase. 

How distributes your ad so effectively is their trick to the trade. However, there’s nothing tricky about the user experience of their platform. It boasts a seamless, all-in-one-place dashboard for running and managing your advertising campaigns.

We know there are plenty of quality projects and there will be room for everybody by winter when the crypto market gets to peak shape. However, they’ll have to find the way to your website, so getting your message across to the right people may make or break your project. stayed busy during the four years they’ve been around and it is honestly refreshing to come across a powerful, straightforward advertising solution. Savvy digital professionals will love the abundance of tweaks you can make to help them win the ad space race. Their network of publishers has nothing but good words to say, a major plus, especially when it’s under the looking glass of forum users.
Projects related to crypto often talk the talk about tailoring to the user, being secure and giving back to their community. went through the same ups and downs, but the result speaks of so much effort that the people behind have really earned the attention of your business.