BTCNN review

Feb. 29, 2020 | by Larry Steve

Bitcoin News Network (BTCNN) is a credible source of news and events surrounding the Blockchain infrastructure and Cryptocurrency market in general. The media platform was established in 2018 and strives to provide interested crypto readers with everything happening in the digital currency world.

With their team of first-rate journalists and crypto analysts, they provide expert opinion and analysis on the live news on the flow of the market. Readers have access to crypto information, which has been appropriately vetted for complete authenticity.

BTCNN recognizes that news on events surrounding cryptocurrency can affect the investments of people; this is why they ensure that all tips and updates are available as soon as they happen. Both crypto experts and newbies are welcome to the platform; everyone is guaranteed to leave with something beneficial.


Content Featured On BTCNN

The news platform is mainly geared towards the first cryptocurrency, Bitcoin (BTC), and all that revolves around the token. However, there are other sections of news about another breed of coins, collectively known as Altcoins, and general information that can be useful. The sections available on BTCNN include:

• News:News articles on general crypto events are accessible in this section; here, readers can check out both major and minor events about both Bitcoin and Altcoins. All content available are of high-value and can help guide your trading strategies as well as your transactions. You can also search for a particular news event which you would like to reference once again. Links to specific events on some particular crypto tokens are also available; tokens such as Bitcoin (BTC), Euthereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), and Ripple (XRP).

• Press Releases: BTCNN provides official pieces of news events on the global digital market; these events surround significant crypto companies and businesses that deal with crypto investments and transactions. The pieces of information on this section are of high-value and they often shape the structure and flow of the markets.

• Regulations and Policies: This is a major aspect of any business that dabbles into operations that involve the investments of the general public. These businesses have these regulations and policies in place to secure the trust and happiness of the customers. Major legal and private bodies provide these regulations and policies that affect the way investments are handled by any form of business. Cryptocurrency companies and financial institutions are no exception to this part of business; BTCNN helps the readers with comprehensive and verified news on the regulations and policies that can affect crypto users.

• Education and Resources: BTCNN has a section on its platform dedicated to educating readers on ‘how’ and ‘what’ of crypto platforms and activities. For newbies, as well as experts, looking for information on how a part of cryptocurrency works, they can check this section to obtain complete knowledge on what to do.

• Trading Tools: BTCNN realizes how helpful real-time information on digital cryptocurrencies can to investors when it comes to the management of their digital assets. They have Trading View chart for crypto traders to analyze, BTC-Fiat conversions, and real-time pricing of Bitcoin.



Readers can rest assured when they need a legitimate and fast source of information; BTCNN can fill that void and keep you updated on the latest happenings in the digital currency world. The cryptocurrency industry is one that changes rapidly, and without notice, BTCNN is a way for you to stay in pace with the markets. You can subscribe to the BTCNN alert service and get updates on your desktop or mobile as soon as fresh news events are live on the platform.