CoinDeal launch CDL Token Making Its Way up the Crypto Market Ladder

Oct. 31, 2019 | by Mike Albert

From the very go, CoinDeal made a grand entrance as a veritable crypto market alternative to the world’s top exchange platforms. It took no more than half a year to enter the top 40 in market capitalization, but with 7 fiat currencies supported and the trust they built is a tipping point for introducing the CoinDeal token (CDL). Now, traders can grab free ones to lessen fees, get premium treatment on what is already top of the range support or stake them and reap benefits together.

A Head Start and Steadfast Growth

The story of CoinDeal’s global outreach started by partnering up with no other but a Premier League team. Thus, it leaves no doubt about its financial integrity, which means it doesn’t need to spare a penny on safekeeping their users' funds and has what it takes to cover any mishaps. Moreover, CoinDeal has what it takes to tackle the front of the platform’s quality with ongoing improvements as well as acquiring and keeping new users.

Furthermore, they spearhead the movement for mass adoption by educating new traders and introducing their proprietary Galaxy Score tool. Sourcing from different indicators, it makes trading easier to give traders a competitive advantage. In spite of the fact users can only avail it by subscribing to the premium version of CoinDeal, the pros still outweigh the cons from any point of view.

Specifically, the instantaneous premium support is invaluable to any professional trader. Realistically, keeping that promise comes at a cost wherein, by charging users, CoinDeal gets the resources to deliver upon it. Besides keeping fees at a minimum, premium subscribers enter a community and today, most traders pay more for tuition and support they could get from each other.

For the picture to come full circle, whereas CoinDeal paid a hefty sum to promote a platform they knew was worth it, they reach a point that puts it in the driver’s seat of mass adoption. By giving away 90% of CoinDeal tokens, it challenges user’s allegiance to any platform with a period of completely fee-less trading. More so, the token staking shifts the odds in favor of anyone willing to participate in the process.

More Exciting Features for the Top Global Crypto Communities

Numbers don’t lie, so if we crunch them starting with CoinDeal’s market capitalization, it has the liquidity for traders of any portfolio. To top that off, 50 cryptocurrency pairings and the token giveaway poise it toward the top 10 exchanges, where their market maker and taker fees are highly competitive. Its value is multiplied with 5 payment and 4 withdrawal options for fiat currencies.

Basically, no trader has to transfer their crypto to another exchange if they wish to cash out. Another noteworthy fact is processing fiat currencies in a matter of 2 hours, compared to the average day or so that other platforms take. Affirming the status of CoinDeal is the implemented SegWit feature, which can only be found in today’s dominant crypto markets. 

Speaking of dominance regarding crypto communities, considering the fiat currencies CoinDeal covers, it strives to be a major player across the EU, the USA, the Russian and the South Korean market. However, the buck doesn’t stop there and it is serious about the affiliate program, going beyond a percentage of referral earnings. Users who board new members enter the VIP club, earn from any user that refers another and cut another 0.1 percent of their fees.

The CoinDeal Token Details and Uses Cases

With a modest total of 50 million tokens in totality, the CoinDeal Token (CDL) is a prize that users need to keep their eyes on. For the platform itself, the token puts it on the same level as the top exchanges, technologically and feature-wise. However, by simply allowing zero-fee trading through their digital asset instead of a discount, CoinDeal gives competitors a good run for their money.
In turn, the token owners are benefactors too because it drastically increases the worth of CoinDeal’s proprietary digital asset. As a tradable and an asset for staking, it would be well worth it on any cryptocurrency exchange. But, CoinDeal isn’t just any exchange, where its plan to educate users will get more people to learn the benefits of holding onto a token for profit.

More and more crypto markets are banning users from certain countries because they can’t meet new legislation. However, as CoinDeal uses newer technology and has the budget to comply with upcoming regulations, many traders will consider migrating and if they do, it’s as good of an alternative as they come. With the launch of CDL, the word will spread and CoinDeal becomes a challenger for the people’s champ, as far as crypto markets and traders are concerned.