Coinstelegram Group - Crypto Fund backed by Media

April 22, 2019 | by Coinstelegram

Coinstelegram Group - Crypto Fund backed by Media 

The Coinstelegram Group is a group of companies which are: specialized media, Coinstelegram Media - Agency for promoting and Coinstelegram Fund for venture and crypto investing. It is the Fund that allows Coinstelegram Group to be an influential crypto player. On the other hand, the media and the Agency enable the Fund to work effectively in the field of venture capital and crypto investments. as Community Compass

The portal has been operating since September 2017, its authors and analysts have become witnesses, observers and reviewers of the most important events that occurred on the market in this year and a half. The mission has evolved with changes in the market and with changes in the preferences of the crypto community. Serving to benefit of community, the portal has transformed from the integrator of the most important news to a research resource, publishing free of charge reviews and investigations of phenomena and market trends. The information that bloggers and vloggers offer for a paid subscription, offers free in the public domain. The Coinstelegram analytics team provides a consolidated but balanced point of view, and forecasts, that as a rule are confirmed in events on the crypto market.

In addition, portal provides objective reviews of projects that the Agency and the Fund are involved in and participates in their promotion too.

Coinstelegram Media - promotion of startups and projects

The crypto full-service agency Coinstelegram Media provides assistance and support to startups and projects in the field of blockchain and cryptocurrency. Young teams have at their disposal a command of analysts, as well as popular media resources and social media channels. Those teams that turn to the Coinstelegram media quickly become known in the community, and also receive expert feedback, which helps them to become more successful.


Coinstelegram Foundation - Industry Development

The Coinstelegram Fund accumulates funds and invests them in promising projects. The Fund can operate autonomously, respecting the confidentiality and business interests of partners. But the best results are achieved in cooperation with the Agency and the media resource The fund has been successfully operating for more than 4 years. Thanks to robust analytics, during this time, it was possible to successfully invest in growing projects, and sometimes, having considered the prospect, to leave some of them before they dropped.

The Coinstelegram Foundation focuses on blockchain technology, has strong relationships with like-minded institutions around the world. Representatives of The Fund participates in all significant events in the world, maintains relations with influential figures both in the community and in state administration in different countries.

Now we can confirm that the Fund itself is one of the largest institutional investor in crypto. By accumulating the knowledge and experience of the team of analysts, the Fund creates a diversified portfolio of projects that move the industry forward through innovations.
The Coinstelegram Group is a brilliant pattern of symbiosis of three independent structures - the Foundation, the Agency and the media - which contribution to the development of the global cryptoindustry is constantly growing. We have our own vision, which we are ready to share with our partners, both current and future.