​Crypto-Games.Net Review

Oct. 11, 2018 | by Ahyke Otutubuike (Guest post)


This is a sponsored guest post by Ahyke Otutubuike

While there are lots of crypto casino sites out there, very few are reliable, with regards to fairness, integrity, and security. Finding such places is usually a tricky task even for old-time virtual gamers.  
Cryptogames casino started back in May 2014 as one of the first crypto-enabled virtual casinos, which started out as DogecoinMachine.net, with Dogecoin as its official gaming currency. However, later on in August of that year, several other cryptocurrencies where latched onto the train and more have been added over the years.  
Over the years, this casino has a gross wager of over 144,977 BTC, with over 2.6 Billion bets, across its seven games, which are blackjack, Slot, Roulette, Video Poker, Plinko, and Lotto. The casino features over 12 cryptocurrencies for its payment options with currencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Stratis, Dogecoin, PlayMoney, Monero, Litecoin, BitcoinCash, Neogas, Peercoin, Dash, and EthererumClassic.   

Crypto-games.net​ is set on a dark background that rings a bell of, night time in Vegas; this casino is quite user-friendly, whether you are a first-timer or an old-timer. It features a horizontal style of tab arrangement, which shows all its games, its currencies, and other significant tabs all below its header image. 

The house edge at Cryptogames are not the lowest, but it is a reasonable number considering, some fictitious casino, with very low house edges, used to bait players into placing large bets.

Here is a list of the house edges out there:
Dice 0.8%
lackjack 1.253% 
Roulette 2.7%
Lottery -1%, also players receive 1% more
Video Poker 2.1%  
Slot 1.97%
Plinko 1.7% 

Crypto-games.net​feature several promos across their games; most especially, there is a monthly wagering contest on several currencies, with cash prize rewards and lottery ticket rewards.

The anonymity of players identity and their transactional security is well guarded with strict security regulations. Their firewalls are an industrial size, and the player's details are encrypted and authenticated using  AES_128_GCM; also the casino uses ECDHE_ECDSA as the key exchange mechanism.  Also for logins, email verification is enabled and 2FA for accounts security. Finally, all payouts are verified with an email approval.  

Regarding payments, players can swap coin on the ​Crypto-games.nets​ internal exchange. There is also a good referral program out there, with an attractive percentage of 25% of the house edge on every bet made by everyone you refer


Note:  This is a sponsored guest post. You are responsible for every investment decision you make. As a rule of thumb, never invest more than you are willing to lose.