CryptoDaily review

June 13, 2020 | by Larry Steve

CryptoDaily is a cryptocurrency platform dedicated to providing the general public with credible information about recent developments in the Blockchain space. The site launched in 2017, offers free and resourceful news content in several categories and aspects of the cryptocurrency industry. You can access technical analyses, exchanges, mining news, coin updates, Blockchain news, as well as breaking stories on the best wallets to invest in.

CryptoDaily is recognized by key players in the world of news and Blockchain. Traders and avid crypto enthusiasts are encouraged to make use of the platform for trading tools, resources, and other useful content. They have a team of seasoned and professional experts who interpret the moves of the stakeholders in the market.

They process the information to ascertain the business goals of each stakeholder. You can make use of the published information as guidance on how to strategize your plays when trading. CryptoDaily has over 200+ partnerships with established websites, whom they empower with their content; this includes Newsnow, Google News, Goingecko, Coinmarketcap, Apple News, Flipboard, and many more.


If you are all about the cryptocurrency world, then I implore you to check out the wide variety of content created specifically for people like you. They even offer premium digital resources for free; as mentioned above, they are focused on providing their audience with a dependable news source. Here are some of the features on CryptoDaily:

• Breaking News: Everything you need to know about Blockchain, exchanges, mining, wallets, and Fiat currency is provided by CryptoDaily. You can directly access daily news updates on each of these news sections with ease. Every detail and information contained in the news is appropriately vetted to avoid providing their audience with unsubstantiated content.

• Coins: Coins, as we all know, are volatile and unpredictable; what better way to keep up with all developments about the most and least popular of coins in the crypto space. Some of the coins listed on CryptoDaily includes Binance Coin, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, ZCash, DASH, and many others. You can view insightful content on each of the coins listed on the news platform.

• Mining: They also provide information on some of the top mining specialist companies in the Blockchain industry. Through these sites, you can order a range of mining equipment should you wish to take up mining. Everything you need to get started can be procured through any of the companies listed under their ‘Mining’ category.

• Exchanges: CryptoDaily recognizes that the impact of exchanges as crucial trading mediums for active crypto traders and users. Getting in business with weak exchanges can significantly affect your investment portfolio because you run the risks of intruding third-parties. Even exchanges with outdated information can affect your trading and holdings in ways you might not anticipate. You should check some of the top exchange platforms CryptoDaily holds partnerships with. They are verified and trusted for any financial transactions traders might be interested in making.

• Wallets: Storage of digital assets procured on exchanges, P2P trading platforms, or wherever can be handled by some of the top wallets featured on CryptoDaily. Poor security software is a major cause of stolen tokens; you can avoid this by simply registering with listed wallets like Exodus, Mycelium Wallet, Blockchain Wallet, and Airbitz Bitcoin Wallet.



Real-time price updates and crypto trading charts can be accessed on the navigation bar of CryptoDaily. With these, you are armed with the most essential of trading information you require for optimum performance in the markets as a seasoned trader.

CryptoDaily™ provides cryptocurrency exchange services through its Estonia Entity 'CryptoDaily OU'. CryptoDaily™ is licensed by the Estonian FIU under license number FVR001090

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