Oct. 6, 2020 | by Larry Steve

CRYPTOENTER is a blockchain-based infrastructure solution designed for integration and interacting with financial institutions, regulators and users within a single platform. A unique project developed by Smart Block Laboratory, IBM Silver Business Partner, Linux Silver Member, and Hyperledger General Member, founded in 2017. The company employs a team of engineers, programmers and developers with extensive experience in the most advanced IT technologies: blockchain, bigdata, IoT, cloud services.

Based on these technologies, advanced digital solutions are created. CRYPTOENTER is such a solution. It is a blockchain infrastructure for digital banking, built on the corporate blockchain Hyperledger Fabric and uniting all participants in the financial market, from banks to users and stores, into a single digital space for transmitting financial messages.

The main trend of transformation of banking business models around the world in the near future is the rapid digitalization of services. Moving to one of the digital banking models is more than just replacing mobile devices and online platforms. Cryptoenter is a blockchain infrastructure for digital banking that combines the functionality of DeFi: enabling direct user interactions (P2P), single cryptocurrency/fiat wallet, interbank payments, real-time value exchange, crypto exchange transactions (optional), cross-border payments real-time, direct lending (P2P), issuance of derivatives, virtual digital bank, decentralized crowdfunding, digital acquiring, social network for investors on the blockchain with crowdfunding functionality and issuing stablecoins.

CRYPTOENTER offers its clients a new level of financial services implemented on the principle of Decentralized Finance (DeFi) with a banking level of reliability:

•    direct interaction between users both within the same bank and between different banks
•    cross-border transfers of values
•    cryptocurrencies and fiat, in real-time
•    instant exchange of values
•    multiple currency accounts
•    a single crypto wallet
•    direct lending between users (P2P)
•    NFT release
•    a social network for investors on the blockchain
•    crowdfunding platform
•    virtual digital bank
•    marketplace for the sale of assets around the world

Banks, becoming part of CRYPTOENTER, gain access to new financial instruments without losing control over liquidity. The implemented functionality of decentralized financial instruments (DeFi), which allows users to interact with each other, creates additional income for the validators of the Cryptoenter blockchain infrastructure, while the end-user of the service will benefit from cost savings and extremely low tariffs.

Digital acquiring allows you to connect stores with cash registers to the network as payment agents and through them work with cash to replenish Cryptoenter users' accounts or withdraw cash anywhere in the world. This functionality can also be used to develop branchless banking, providing a minimum set of banking services through connected stores: identification of new users, signing contracts, a minimum set of financial services. Branchless banking will significantly expand the geography of the presence of Cryptoenter validator banks, cover hard-to-reach regions with undeveloped financial infrastructure and significantly reduce the cost of maintaining a classic network of additional offices - all that is needed is a smartphone and an Internet connection.

A social network for investors makes it possible to generate and consume financial content between users of banks, participants in the blockchain infrastructure. The available basic role when registering with Cryptoenter is an investor; the user has access to all financial functionality: transaction, exchange operations and investments. You can upgrade your social network account to an expert, which makes it possible to generate content: review articles and expert analytics on various topics. For other users, this content will be displayed in the investor social network news feed according to their user profile and interests. You can also create a company profile and create a project within it, for which a stablecoin will be released to attract investments. A decentralized crowdfunding platform, implemented as part of the Cryptoenter solution within a social network for investors, allows users to raise funds for their projects by creating their own crowdfunding campaigns, as well as participate in them by investing in the project they like.

Using the standard functionality implemented in CRYPTOENTER © blockchain infrastructure for digital banking, the user can create his own virtual digital bank. This abstraction is realized through investments that are created by the user within his account in the blockchain infrastructure for digital banking CRYPTOENTER ©: wallet and multi-cryptocurrency account. The accounts of clients of the virtual digital bank are managed through an external interface implemented on the side of the virtual digital bank, while all clearing takes place inside the blockchain infrastructure for digital banking CRYPTOENTER ©. All users of the virtual digital bank will have access to all the functionality implemented in CRYPTOENTER ©.

VIRTUAL CRYPTO BANK is a virtual bank based on the blockchain infrastructure for digital banking CRYPTOENTER, which allows issuing its own cryptocurrency and managing the crypto accounts of its clients. All transactions related to cryptocurrencies.

VIRTUAL DIGITAL BANK is a virtual bank based on blockchain infrastructure for digital banking CRYPTOENTER ©, which allows you to provide a full range of Financial services to your customers in accordance with a banking license issued by a national regulator: opening fiat accounts, Lending, issuing your own cryptocurrency, managing crypto accounts of your customers.

All operations related to fiat + cryptocurrencies. Due to the connection of virtual banks, the rapid growth of the Cryptoenter network in the world is expected, in fact, if you have a license from a local regulator, then in order to provide all the implemented Cryptoenter functionality to your customers, you will only need to create your website and connect it via API to the Cryptoenter blockchain infrastructure.

Another implemented innovative opportunity in Cryptoenter is the issue of NFT tokens, which opens up additional large functionality for all users of the blockchain infrastructure for digital banking: a marketplace for the sale of movable and immovable property, a solution for gaming services. For example, a user can write data with unique information, photos or music belonging to him to the NFT token and exercise the rights to this data by selling the created NFT token through a direct exchange (P2P). Or sell your own house or apartment, putting up for sale the title to the property belonging to him, while the funds for the acquired object will be blocked until the record of the new owner appears in the state register. Cryptoenter will automatically check the change of ownership through the state registry API. Thus, you can sell and buy any property rights around the world through NFT tokens in Cryptoenter. Or game developers can use the Cryptoenter API to implement financial functionality in the game world they create by issuing an internal game currency, which will enable players to buy, sell or exchange game items in the game.


Cryptoenter will make the cyber revolution by creating a cloud-based digital infrastructure that will completely transform the financial ecosystem. It is a blockchain infrastructure for digital banking, on the basis of which a decentralized financial marketplace was created. In a world where the spread of blockchain technology is becoming more grounded every day, Cryptoenter is created to be at the forefront of the blockchain revolution. Cryptoenter blockchain infrastructure for digital banking is literally all that is needed to implement it.