Cryptogeek review

Feb. 28, 2020 | by Larry Steve

Cryptogeek is a review platform launched in 2019 that aims to educate cryptocurrency enthusiasts about the several aspects of the Blockchain and Cryptocurrency space. The highly informative content provided by Cryptogeek is vetted adequately before making it available to readers to access.

Information obtained can be used when considering options for an exchange platform as well as which crypto token to invest in. Information on established and developing crypto projects is provided to helping you in making choices best suited for your needs.

Cryptogeek has a team of professional journalists, editors, and crypto experts providing input on what each aspect of Blockchain has to offer. The traditional system of exchange is getting replaced with a more efficient and secure form, Digitalized Exchange platforms.


Content Featured on Cryptogeek

Every reader that stumbles across the Cryptogeek platform, whether by chance or referral, they are guaranteed to leave with some value added. Knowledge is power, as they say, the high-value information procured from Cryptogeek can be used to strategize better and optimize the management of your digital assets. Here are some of the categorized content featured on Cryptogeek:

• Exchanges: The use of exchanges is inevitable for every cryptocurrency user who intends to be active with the use of digital assets. There are several exchanges based in different parts of the world, and you can gain information on them through the Cryptogeek platform. Every exchange differs in its mode of operation; you need to acquire information about this factor before dabbling into any transactions on the platform. Reviews on exchanges in the market are available on Cryptogeek; exchanges included are Bibox, Bit-Z, IDAX, CoinEgg, Binance, Bitfinex, Coinbase, and several others. A search bar is provided for any user looking for a review on a specific exchange.

• Wallets: As an active crypto user, nothing makes you feel at ease more than knowing that your digital assets are stored somewhere. Cryptogeek provides reviews on the best wallets in the cryptocurrency market. On their platform, you can find out which wallet has the best security for your funds invested in cryptocurrency. There are reviews on several providers of wallet services; the providers include Coinomi, BitPanda, Freewallet, and some other names in the market.

• Coins: This part of the Blockchain infrastructure is the main thing people are interested in the most. A Coin is the digital equivalent of money and can be used for valid transactions. They can be procured from exchanges and stored on wallets; reviews on coins ranging from Bitcoin (BTC) and its variations to Dogecoin (DOGE) and several other cryptocurrencies are provided on Cryptogeek for readers to check out. Other topics like Mining, Projects, Media, Tools, and Games are available on Cryptogeek, all of which are carefully written for the readers to gain from. You can also compare exchanges or check the blog provided by Crytogeek.



For readers and traders looking for an overview of content surrounding the entire Blockchain technology, Cryptogeek is your one-stop for credible information. Another value-added content added is the Cryptogeek Trust Score, which calculates the value of the cryptocurrency projects based on some factors. The calculation is based on research and investigation made by the team at Cryptogeek. You don’t have to find the information you need again, with Cryptogeek, you can gain access to the most credible and updated information in the market.