CryptoProfile Project Review

Dec. 10, 2018 | by Michelle,


A few years ago, cryptocurrency market was only about a few players. Implementation of promising ICO’s made the landscape highly competitive. Despite the cryptocurrencies witnessing a dip, the August 2018 market for ICO fundraisers was promising enough with the crowd funding crossing $1.4 million. But around 934 dead ICO projects are raising alarms!

The market is evolved to a point where the investors are losing billions to the ICO scams, ICO’s with an impractical business model and the like. Crypto market is in much need of an ICO “Due diligence” platform for upcoming ICO’s. Such a platform is focused to reduce the complexity for the entire ecosystem of ICO providers and investors.  

The Problem

Lack of accurate and easy to understand information about an ICO project discourages significant amount of investors. An ordinary man shirks from participating in crowdfunding and pocket the benefits only because the information is scattered. Mainstream adoption of cryptocurrencies is not very far away, making it even more important for the masses to overcome the current gap that arises primarily due to the following issues:

•    Scattered information about whitelisting and buy/sell of ICO’s
•    Investing in scams and inefficient ICO’s
•    Exposing their cryptocurrencies to hackers
•    Panic buying and selling of coins 
•    Buying coins that look promising but are not backed by a strong project

The problems encountered by the investors are multifold while selecting an ICO that will be successful in the future. There are multiple factors that influence the success of an ICO project and as per a study around 52 percent of the ICO projects fail making the investment riskier. 

Investors seeking authentic ICO’s lag below insights:

•    Technical insights
Knowing how proficient the technical heads behind the ICO projects are is not an easy task. Investors very often make a mistake here and end up losing the capital.

•    Business Models
Just because the ICO is a risk-averse method to raise capital, many ICOs with vague project ideas are making way into the market. Even if the idea is good, it must be executable to be successful. 

•    Idea Replication
ICOs that replicate the existing projects are bound to fail or will not give the desired results. 


The Solution

In the missing light of a regulatory body, the market of ICOs is brimming with scams. CryptoProfileis a technology platform that helps ICOs acquire community trust. The existing process is very complex for both ICO investors and ICO project owners. 

Simplifying the process, CryptoProfile offers the revolutionary market a Super Big Airdrop machine that assesses any ICO project on three primary factors and on boards it. The assessment factors are:

•    Risk assessment
•    Token economy assessment
•    Security assessment

All the above assessments target to run a deep due diligence to ensure the CP token holders get quality airdrops. The assessment will not allow scams, pump, and dump, technically or business model wise inefficient ICOs be on-boarded to the CP platform. 

CryptoProfile expert technical team will review the technology base, algorithm selection, hash functions, the consensus selection to identify the technical foothold of the project. Apart from that, the teams will focus on aspects like business viability, token economics, and the team behind ICO, coin utility, regulatory compliance and identification of pump/dump coins. 

The on boarded ICO projects will be provided marketing support after a thorough research of their credibility. 
The Speed, security, privacy, Zero fee, and ICO ratings make CryptoProfile a trustworthy platform. 

The Team and Partners

The CryptoProfile team is the backbone of its market existence. Implementing the innovative idea behind the project, the team brings experience and expertise of blockchain to the platform

Managing Director and Co-founder Max Mg bring his decade-long experience of blockchain industry to the project. The technical implementation of the project is being handled by Alen Lew who is enriching the platform by helping define brand positioning and identifying user experience touch points. The management, sales, marketing, and global business handling is being overseen by the experts. 



The CryptoProfile Platform is the demand of the time when the blockchain revolution is about to take place. The platform will augment to build a community support for legit blockchain projects. Considering the uniqueness of the idea and the expertise behind the project CryptoProfile project is a set to revolutionize the cryptocurrency airdrop mechanics.