Drop into the Agareum Game & Play to Win the Token

Aug. 28, 2019 | by Mike Albert, AirdropRating.io

Agareum is a promotional platform in the form of a multiplayer game that brings to life a new, fresh idea in the crypto space. It takes the proven method of airdrops into the world of entertainment and personifies gamification to introduce the concept of GamedropsTM. Up and coming projects can gain awareness or grow their community by putting their tokens or coins straight into the playing field.

How GamedropsTM on Agareum Work

Agareum currently runs in browsers, giving players the option to link their wallets through Metamask upon registration to transfer the tokens they’ve won. A seemingly simple game involves quite a lot of strategy to become a top-ranked player, but a simple overview is enough to describe the concept of GamedropsTM. The player controls a cell marked by a cryptocurrency logo or a stylized avatar (skin), guiding it using the mouse on a 2D grid called a petry dish, with a fair start against other participants. 
One can mount up points by eating pellets and gathers Agareum tokens laid out across the board which the Agareum team creatively calls “filling your bags”. By piling up points, the cells grow, can eat smaller ones and vice versa. The reason why this is important is due to the fact if one’s cell gets eaten, you’ll respawn with 10% of the tokens you’ve gathered. However, as the cell gets bigger it moves slower but viruses are scattered across the board along with all elements that can make it split in smaller pieces that are easier to eat. 
As a hint, you can also press the space button to launch a split cell to eat another one. Players can gather assets that will be promoted or dropped once the project is past the testing stage right in the battlefield with the same ruleset. Of course, those who got in the game sooner than later will have a head start when the real prizes start to enter the stage.

What to Expect & Who’s Behind GamedropsTM and Agareum

GamedropsTM is a revolutionary approach to advertising, but they get added value from the fact the game is fun and addictive. The test version has gotten off to a great start, according to Dean Cannel, General partner at the GamedropsTM creators, the BlockchainXYZ studio. Agareum is a gamified version of hunting for bounties which the team name bringing the bounty and the hunters to a common marketplace. 

We can only assume it is poised for future growth, especially as the team plans to keep a keen ear on what fans have to say and implement it in the game’s updates. The first actual game drop is set to occur on the 2nd of September, ERC-20 standard token, the game’s native Agareum which will be used within to exchange other tokens and withdrawals. Dean Cannel is also head of Blockchain.inc, a blockchain partnership network and consultancy company. Their connections in the crypto space will act as another factor in expanding crypto ventures but also for bringing many individual communities closer together.

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