Earn from getting to know crypto through Cryptoknowmics

July 20, 2019 | by Mike Albert, AirdropRating.io

Recognizing the issue of relevant information about crypto scattered across the internet, Cryptoknowmics are creating a one-stop media platform built around the user. The general public is put at the top of the ecosystems’ food chain, where they get to earn for every activity, so virtually no time goes to waste.  Advertisers can streamline their campaigns by having all of their target audience on one platform, without the restrictions or bans the dominant platforms of today impose on crypto projects.

A Unique Value Proposition that Values the User

Anyone with a need for news or deeper insight into D.L.T. has either had to crosscheck data from various websites or read article upon the article to find the piece of information they need. Users doing research or crypto enthusiasts are usually who use cryptocurrency and would like to contribute by sharing their views, but don’t have the means to. Those who’re most astute will use the data aggregated from over 4000 websites to provide their own conclusions, giving them the chance to double their earnings because they’ll be paid while doing research.

By sourcing from a large base of websites, Cryptoknowmics offer the readers a wealth of knowledge coupled with the chance to earn while learning as well as write articles of their own and exchange opinions on a public forum. As the only platform to reimburse readers for their attention, many may choose Cryptoknowmics as their go-to site for crypto content and by introducing games together with sweepstakes, the reader can take breaks during their activity, earning rewards all the while. 

On a more serious note, Cryptoknowmics aren’t your run of the mill content platform, being well aware there are many sites with false information which they plan to filter out. The information you’ll find will be subject to review to assure that the platform has the highest standards in the industry along with an AI for targeting ads to provide the best user experience possible.

Once CKM becomes the gathering place for the crypto public, the initial platform will expand to support raising funds for new projects as an ICO and a STO launchpad. The Cryptoknowmics team plans to get involved in and organize events and conferences to make full use of its community-oriented approach. Everything falls in line when members who are crypto professionals enlist as freelancers, enabling them to meet face-to-face with potential investors or other innovators.

The Cryptoknowmics Team and Tokenomics

With the Cryptoknowmics App already available, the platform is already half-way there which only gives the project more leeway with spreading the funds for marketing and networking. Aspiring authors, users, and subscribers will be happy to hear that 30% of the funds will go to them, together with 50% of the revenue CKM generates. The team has international experience in entrepreneurship and blockchain with the platform they’ve built as the outlet for their professional proves. 
They’ve covered the community, content and social aspects from the very start, which bodes well with their strategy to market a product with high aspirations. Cryptoknowmics could gain traction early on simply because of the UVP and having an all-encompassing staff should secure its operation on a high level from the very start.