Easy Feedback Token – Putting Customer Relations on the Blockchain

Oct. 26, 2019 | by Mike Albert


The agenda of Easy Feedback Token (EFT), a platform that helps unsatisfied customers and vendors to resolve disputes, is an invaluable societal resource. Easy Feedback, its web-based version, gained acclaim for the serious approach with results above user expectations wherefore advancement and expansion make perfect sense.  Thus, Easy Feedback Token takes the original endeavor with a specific approach to blockchain technology to stimulate positive feedback, track customer satisfaction and optimize their web model before going for global outreach.

The EFT Token Opens New Horizons for the Easy Feedback Platform

For most consumers, products that don’t meet all expectations but still get the job done don’t go through official channels or can’t reach an official representative. Voicing their opinion on social media only tarnishes the reputation of a company with no productive outcome to either side. Easy FeedBack is a platform that stops issues from escalating and by getting businesses to listen, helping companies avoid bad press, or in the worst case - a lawsuit. 

On the other hand, there’s no incentive for a happy client to express their gratitude. Technicalities that Easy Feedback covers are a substantial expense, whereby tokenizing their operations allows for cutting costs to a bare minimum. Furthermore, money saved through the Easy Feedback Token let them to introduce new services, such as certificates for dependable businesses and empower them to effectively keep track of customer feedback.

In a way, Easy Feedback is more than the name suggests, as the staff goes beyond communicating and liaise to compensate a customer where needed. Easy Feedback Token gets more business-centric, organizing data for suppliers and service providers to analyze through the PRO version of the platform. The token itself makes sure that customers will continuously bring new data, where the platform has an effective approach to make sure what clients provide is of value to a company.

A Digital Asset Set to Improve Customer Relations

Easy Feedback Token makes customer feedback matter by evaluating to what extent customers are satisfied by how the company handled it, presenting outcomes to the general public. Conversely, the platform gets user opinions about companies to show up in search results on relevant topics through SEO. Moreover, consumer identities are kept private from the public eye because Easy Feedback only communicate private information to the companies they concern.
By this and the credibility Easy Feedback built throughout the years, everyone can get insight to the service quality of businesses, eliminating fake reviews in the process.  However, to make a platform on par with the world’s premiere quality assurance websites sustainable, it rates and rewards user input by usefulness, originality, and quality. Those properties reflect on a customer’s compensation in EFT tokens, as the methodology for EFT to bring back valuable information for improving customer relations.

The EFT Business Returns, the Technology & the Future

Intuitively, Easy Feedback Token is centered on customers but there are reasons why it carries over the web platform benefits to businesses. Considering an increasing trend of clients that want to do business with trustworthy companies, it is an entry point for the aforementioned to Easy Feedback PRO. Besides the logo as a staple of trust, the direct pathway to clients empowers a business to utilize employees for better customer engagement.

Unlike all-encompassing CRM’s, the simple, yet effective dashboard doesn’t require a learning curve, turning every employee into an extra resource. Thus, companies that strive for quality can turn any complaint into positive feedback, which is one of the best forms of advertising. As such, it may just be the tool SMB’s look for to become household names and ease their business expansion.
Moreover, EFT is based on Alastria’s blockchain technology as a gateway to boarding the digital economy. Therefore, the platform is one of the first to tokenize the customer relations market, worth over 32 BLN dollars. Built on a reputable technological solution, Easy Feedback Tokens will be of use right away, as they’ve secured a listing on the Tokpie exchange straight after their IEO.
Even though Easy Feedback Token pre-mine tokens, legal entities validate transactions, bringing peace to cautious investors and skeptics alike. Going further on into technicalities, Easy Feedback Token uses the Pareto principle, returning 20% of profits made into the pile for assuring a model where their digital asset keeps its value. All of this goes in line with the ambitions of EFT to start with the Hispanic and Latino markets before European and global expansion.

Further down the timeline, Easy Feedback Token plans to launch a store to bring clients and businesses together. Hence, building atop a rock-solid foundation enables steadfast expansion and extensions of the functionalities of the platform. The pillars that exemplify the perspectives of this project are the broad team comprising those navigating it as a business and blockchain architects. Given the aim of global outreach, the legal department is an invaluable resource.