Finple – An Inclusive Fintech Ecosystem Empowering Companies & Corporations

Sept. 1, 2019 | by Mike Albert,

Finple is a diverse ecosystem with the primary purpose to deliver the promise of D.L.T. technology to function as a bank, not only for individuals but for companies and corporations as well. As a fintech project, it opens opportunities for investing to gain and distribute venture capital along with eliminating payment mediators in unique categories. With Finple, blockchain technology is applied into the business world in a sophisticated way with such impact, that the project deserves more than an honorable mention. 

Finple as a Business Accelerator and a Platform for Secure Investments

Novelties introduced to digital assets introduced performance advancements and overcame challenges to preserve the interest of users. Finple utilizes the new functions, empowering companies to take part in a borderless digital economy together with corporations because, for both, shared value equals shared benefits. The same goes for capital, where putting the three major business components at the same level results in a new economic revolution.

By making the tools affordable and more convenient for ventures and entrepreneurs who enter the Finple ecosystem, every party has a competitive advantage. For smaller players that have the potential, the Finple toolset is creating opportunities to gather investments with little to no middleman fees and expand their service range to the make use of potential they already possess. SMB’s can create their own blockchain network and asset and investors can expand the portfolio to certified projects.

Just as well, corporations can take part in the marketplace by using master nodes, all within a micro-economy made compatible and accessible by Finple. It strives towards legal compliance assisted by the staff, reviewing every project for their business plans. In turn, this makes it easier for investors to pick companies that are likely to grow by making it more difficult for parties who won't abuse the system.

How Finple Blockchain Technology Works & Target Markets

The Finple tokens, called SALKIs, are created whenever a new participant enters into an agreement with the Super Alki Foundation, who operates at the meta level.  Emerging companies, who need capital to fuel their business, deposit a certain sum, where 80% go into the Super Alki Foundation, while 20% are bought from exchanges and burnt. The said company acquires their own token from a hard fork, whereas for corporations that acquire a master node the process is similar, but they gain information through the network along with earning a percentage from the Super Alki Foundation’s growth.

Growing companies benefit from the advancements blockchain technology offers, such as cutting costs from payment mediators, privacy, transparency, and automation of internal processes, making them a better prospect in the eyes of investors. Corporations can make use of the same along with leveraging their capital across other enterprises while for both, exchanging products and services can be done through token swaps. Finple target stable and budding industries to which blockchain industry is suited for, as the medicinal marijuana, health in general, lottery, etc…

Finple handles the core blockchain operations, on top of which companies can build dapps for their customers. The toolset is comprised of an App for digital asset management and Finple pays attention to taxation, taking care of legalities together with accounting to make sure every company using the system is compliant to their respective governments. The platform creates a horizontal ecosystem with an approach that doesn’t let anything slip by them to ensure its legitimacy, a key component for stability and further growth.

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