How Bitcoin Tumbler Works & How to Use It

Nov. 22, 2018 | by Sponsored post

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How Bitcoin Tumbler Works & How to Use It

With cryptocurrency tumbling services, Bitcoin transactions become safer and largely anonymous. This is why Bitcoin Tumbler, also known as Bitcoin Mixer is a MUST.

This post will enlighten you on how to use Bitcoin Mixer and why it’s one of the best ways to shuffle your Bitcoins. We understand the importance of staying anonymous while making online purchases. And with the high rates of hacks in the technology space, it’s only advisable that you use this Bitcoin mixing service.

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What is a Bitcoin Tumbler?

With Bitcoin Tumbler, you protect your Bitcoin transactions so that no one can trace the source of your Bitcoin. In the blockchain, it’s usually easy for all miners to figure out the source of a Bitcoin transaction. Now, this applies only to the amount of Bitcoins during the transaction and not the actual Bitcoins.

Generally, when transferring Bitcoins, your address and transaction details are visible. However, with the use of a tumbling service, you create a break in the link connection from your actual address to the address receiving the transactions.

Now, inasmuch as this service has sometimes been used by thieves to steal Bitcoin, it remains one of the best ways to protect your address. Privacy is vital as far as Bitcoin is concerned. In fact, the goal of tumbling is to shuffle Bitcoins so that everyone gets their share of the coins but no one has a clue where the coins originated from.

Some popular websites such as Bitmix and Bitlaundry offer tumbling services. However, you have to seal with the issue of 100% security, transaction fees, and protection from scam. If you’re not sure of the anonymity level of a tumbling service, it’s not advisable to opt in. besides, you need a Bitcoin Tumbler that enables you to avoid mistakes while making transfers or other forms of transactions.

Nonetheless, the question of total anonymity is important. You will barely find a tumbling service or software that obfuscates your transactions to the maximum level. As a matter of fact, this is why Bitcoin Mixer uses a fully guaranteed algorithm which provides top-level security.

The goal at Bitcoin Mixer is to ensure that user activities are completely wiped off. This ensures that there are no logs which certain organizations or governmental bodies would find useful. Again, unsuccessful transactions (perhaps due to error in address information) are carefully managed so that you don’t lose your coins.

The additional perks with this tumbling service are the automation and no collection personal data. Hackers readily use personal information to steal your coins. But, when such data aren’t available, you’re protected from Bitcoin theft.

And since it operates with automation, you can always get help when necessary.

How to Use Bitcoin Tumbler

Below are the steps for using a Bitcoin Tumbler:

  • Choose a reliable tumbling service

  • Find out the transaction fees

  • Add the address you intend to transfer the Bitcoins to

  • Select your time delay (long or short)

  • Approve the transfer.


While we believe that Bitcoin Tumbler makes your Bitcoin transactions safer, we also believe that you should exercise caution when using a tumbling service. In the crypto space, you could never be too careful.


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