Introducing the Lumi Wallet - Store, Swap, Explore

June 3, 2019 | by Edward,

We present a hands-on review, starring the Lumi Wallet, a new App to illuminate the sky in the crypto world. On first look, it may seem like your average web or App wallet, with mature versions available for both Android and iOS devices. For a limited time only, the Lumi Wallet will allow creating an EOS account on the house, a freebie nobody would pass on.

Installing the Lumi Wallet App is just as easy as setting up the web wallet but, software wallets hold the upper hand when it comes to security so we’ll focus on the first. Unlike some services, their user interface looks just as good when you log in as on their landing page, and the stability of it is the first statement about its build quality. 

Lumi is a client-side crypto wallet, meaning you’re the sole controller of your private key, which is sort of like the pin code to your credit card. It’s another feature where the Lumi Wallet App follows guidelines that make it a smart choice, along with the built-in backup option. The list of features goes on to include a Changelly partnership for an integrated exchange with flexible fees, and the latest value of crypto provided by Coinmarketcap.  

Support for Bitcoin, Ethereum, over 1200 coins, and tokens, adding EOS to the list as of recent round out the list of features. Speaking of which, as part of our partnership with Lumi,  the wallet will support any EOS token airdrop by yours truly, AirdropRating. We don’t mind having you over, and if you think this float your friend's boat, feel free to share the love. 

Way too often, people don’t take advantage of earning online because they think there’s a catch involved, a tradition we’re proud to cut short. Boarding EOS is only a sign of things to come, accompanied by a native dapp browser. Next, they’re adding ETH dapp support, implementing EOS tokens and moving to open source to avail their code to the world.

Lumi wraps up their ambitious plans for the wallet with integrating EOS dapps and voting for their block producers. It wouldn’t be too farfetched to deem the Lumi Wallet an App destined for the future, where many will find all they need to manage their crypto in one place. Having the credibility of Lumi’s partners in mind, they vouch for a product people outside the hardened crypto community would use.
On another note, the puzzles of the Lumi Wallet really seem to come together. When they integrate dapps from Ethereum and EOS, an in-app accurate ticker and a customizable exchange will save users lots of grief. The Lumi Wallet has potential written all over it and judging by the track record of the project, they’re likely to on their promises.

We can’t hold back the enthusiasm for this partnership and will hold our thumbs for Lumi to breathe some excitement with their sprightly wallet. Remember to download their wallet and check it out, the new features are bound to make it stand out.