LockTrip Airdrop Manipulations

July 12, 2018 | by Michael, Airdroprating.io

Many cryptocurrency companies and ICOs use the famous "airdrop" method in order to increase their social channel followers and engagement. These airdrops, as most of us know, require us to complete "social tasks" such as following Twitter accounts, joining Telegram groups and more. One out of many of these companies, named LockTrip announced on the 20th of May that they were releasing "$500,000 LockTrip Airdrop Announcement".

Significant numbers, big promises.

So they promised: "Each user who completes all tasks will receive $10 worth of tokens".  And this meant that users had to give some work, contribute their social channels, and wait almost two months in order to receive the desired tokens,  ("The distribution itself is planned to take place in the 15th July 2018–30th July 2018 and will be subjected to careful anti-fraud analysis").


At the moment, everything seemed fair.

Then came in less than two weeks their first irrational move with this announcement:"**IMPORTANT Update (2 June) — As of this moment onward — Airdrop is Restricted for the following countries: Vietnam, Philippines, Indonesia, India, Pakistan, Thailand, Myanmar, Malaysia, Nigeria, Bangladesh**"

Ok, so Locktrip changed their mind. They don't want the poor people to join their airdrop. Well, "airdrops" are for the rich? Or for the poor? Is your goal to make your product decentralized? Or you just out to haunt investors.  What’s then going to be the fate of your followers on social Media channels? Will they still survive? I doubt it.
The very first move by Locktrip was still proper, as they did not retro excluded people who joined their airdrop prior to that announcement. However today, after a long wait, and after filling all tasks, and three days before the promised token distribution, Locktrip sent this emails to all airdrop participants: 



"If you are participating in our LockTrip airdrop campaign, you should read this very carefully as it might affect your airdrop balance. Kucoinexchange is holding athree daycoin vote campaign starting from 12th July 10:00 GMT/UTC. Voting on this campaign is the best possible way any airdrop user can contribute to our project and as a result, have decided to make it a mandatory step for completing the LockTrip airdrop campaign. This means if you decide not to vote, your balance might not be verified regardless if you complete the other required steps."







As a result, the true identity of this airdrop was revealed and perhaps the company behinds it. After two months of promotion which gained more than 47k followers on Telegram, they just recently alerted the people saying: "Sorry, you have another task to do, and if it isn’t completed, you get nothing."
First thoughts they came into my head where, can I trust this company? Maybe they can ask me to make another step after this? I think by now the answer is clear to everyone reading this.

Now, what did Locktrip have to say about this? Taken from their Telegram channel

"Good morning from me as well ☀️🌈 Today we have an amazing opportunity to get listed on one of the top exchanges, which will potentially increase the price of our LOC token and we'll be able to travel more for less. It's not only a great opportunity or a cause, it's a SIGN! Let's read it and act upon it !!!!  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qe49ScaA92c"