MeterQubes project review

July 9, 2019 | by Mike Albert,

MeterQubes - What the Future Holds for Crypto Exchanges

Decentralized exchanges are the future of crypto trading, but the MeterQubes platform introduces novel intelligent investing elements, which put it into the realm of DEFI. Being more than a DEX, it addresses liquidity, one of the main issues while offering automated trading. With many advanced features, such a trading bot called Quboid, all tools a trader needs and more, the MeterQubes token will be used for premium components, or register as a market maker.

MeterQubes is More than just a Next Level DEX  

The MeterQubes exchange doesn’t keep any assets but uses the HydroProtocol for peer-to-peer transactions, where users transfer assets directly between themselves. It is faster, more transparent and eliminates bottlenecks making centralized exchanges of today unready for a higher volume of transactions, which are inevitable. To increase liquidity and stimulate trades, no gas fee will be involved for market makers, while even traders at a loss will be reimbursed with 5% from the trade profits,  instead of paying a fee on top.

Together with Quboid and simplified application of state of the art trading tools, the platform presents an option for everyone to earn passive income. Buy and sell orders will automatically adjust to data drawn from social networks, aggregated and defined as sentiments for processed by machine learning together with AI algorithms. Unlike a standard exchange, the chance of a token or a coin a trader holds to be removed is highly unlikely.

Another distinct characteristic is including a toolset on par with any exchange, instead of a lack of options that plague every DEX at present. Quboid will feature hundreds of technical aggregators that seasoned traders are familiar with. Newcomers will benefit from the streamlined organization as one of the MeterQubes biggest unique value propositions.

The Benefits of a Dex, Extras, and the MeterQubes Token

MeterQubes doesn’t require a KYC process, supports all ERC-20 tokens from the start and plans to avail the trading of Bitcoin, EOS, and TRON in its second phase. MetaMask will be the wallet of choice upon the launch of the platform, to be substituted by a proprietary wallet called MQ-Wallet, enabling the automatic execution of trades between different cryptocurrencies. A proprietary wallet is an underrated asset for any D.L.T. project, but when it comes to an exchange, it’s also an asset for the users because it takes security a level beyond.

The MeterQubes platform offers the safety of assets through decentralization as well as allowing funds to flow freely, without imposing restrictions upon users. Along with trading, tokenized projects will be able to launch an IEO on MeterQubes, under the overview of the internal team members. New listings will either be fee or percentage based, depending on if they are put up for voting.

Meterqubes has four tiers for users, ranging from a free standard account to a premium one, with the upper tiers are available to subscribers or affiliates. The aforementioned offer automation capabilities which are unavailable even on the most popular centralized exchanges of today. Meterqubes’ native token has a function within the exchange’s system, where its value will be adjusted for low volatility and slow inflation through burning excess tokens.

Token Allocation & Team

The tokens of the IEO that are to be distributed to the team will be held in their accounts for a certain period as a sign of commitment to the success of the platform. Because they empower users in gaining higher profit margins, holding MeterQubes tokens will lower trading fees on the platform. 

Ahmed Al Marjeby, as the co-founder and CEO, brings his experience in accelerating startups to the platform, which the team has been working for about a year. Neville Epa, an avid investor is responsible for the innovative investment tools used in MeterQubes. The senior management team extends over essentially all fields that one would look for in a DEFI project. 


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