NetCurrencyIndex – Exchange & Invest Digital Assets with Ease

July 26, 2019 | by Mike Albert,

By making investing in crypto familiar to classic investors, NetCurrencyIndex is en route to board people who dabble in index funds and still haven’t migrated to profiting from digital currency. Their App, NCIgo App gives access to an exchange, offering tools such as automated investing based on AI algorithms or transparent indexes derived from multiple assets for anyone to start earning from crypto markets, and more. The social aspect for traders and investors, on the other, allows them to gain followers or individuals who use their strategies for a part of their profit margins.

A Feature-Packed Exchange App

NetCurrencyIndex introduces a futures exchange through the NCIgo App, the first use case for the NCI token, because it’s a necessity to engage in such ventures. The second is trading of NCI indices, or Binary Index options, two advancements that strive to engage parties who have grown accustomed to stock or fiat trading. Another usage of the NetCurrencyIndex proprietary asset is to avoid trading fees on the NCIgo exchange where the feature of users as owners of their private keys deserves an honorable mention. 
Cryptocurrency trading requires dedication and spending time on a daily basis as well as timely actions for success. Instead of following every asset individually, NetCurrencyIndex offers the NCI 500, NCI 100 and NCI 30 as aggregated benchmarks with relevant cryptocurrencies of the same number as an investment token. One can choose according to their performance to trade or invest for the period in which the returns allow them to capitalize. 

On another hand, crypto traders need to have what it takes, controlling their emotions to constantly make the right judgments. Larger investors can back a trader up, making decisions public so anyone down the line can see how well they fair as portfolio managers. This way, NetCurrencyIndex enables everyone to take advantage of the capacities of both by replicating trades or trusting larger investors through PAMM and Copy trading.

NCIbot is an AI-powered feature, coupling analytical technology with forecasting to provide opportunities that users can take advantage of, as part of the NetCurrencyIndex premium package. The pro version also provides a Trend Tool to increase every user earning potential. Apart from NCIgo’s own wallet, the App allows for connecting any wallet to it, with a handy digital asset management utility.

The NCI Token and the Team 

While the NCI token is used for accessing premium features, it’s first and foremost usage is for fee-less trading on the NCIgo platform. As such, when the demand for it increases, new tokens are created for new users and a higher volume. The international team is led by Thomas Peter and Christian Wesmann, experts in finance, marketing, and related IT products. They’re both involved in Blocktimium, a DLT, and fintech company, giving NCI backing from a fintech and DLT company with a solid market presence. The advisory board is stacked with professionals in every area the project needs, for dynamic development of the novelties NetCurrencyIndex presents.