OmegaX Project Review

Dec. 12, 2018 | by Michelle,

OmegaX - Bridging Gaps between traditional and digital economies

The disruption kindled by Blockchain revolution create a parallel economy. The stakeholders in the era of digital economy range from exchanges to state institutions. While all the stakeholders have a relational operator in between, a unified platform that solves the complexities of transition from traditional to the digital economy is yet to mature.

Bridging the gap between economy and IT operations of the Blockchain ecosystem, OmegaXis an integration platform that puts all the missing blocks together.

The Problem

Blockchain has already outgrown its original use case. Its advantageous design has helped it seize a strong foothold in almost every industry. Entire gambit of sectors and services are rapidly adapting to the blockchain platform. The problem arises due to the uneven growth of blockchain solutions where integration platform, security, development flexibility, and performance issues become a point of concern for the stakeholders. The blockchain solutions are so scattered over the entire landscape that it overwhelms an end user.

Countless moving parts of an institution that can leverage the power of blockchain may range from a stock exchange, KYC, e-Commerce, crediting, insurance, asset class tokenization and much more.

In absence of an integrated platform that renders fully trustless to the decentralization seekers, the adaption of revolutionary technology of blockchain is being delayed.


The Solution

By simplifying the process for end users, OmegaX comes with an integration core that communicates between the internal and external components over multilevel APIs. Such kind of architecture deals with routine issues like:

·         Tokenization of any kind of asset classes.
·         Trustless environment to support storage, transfer, and exchange.
·         Customized smart contract development.
·         Tailored Blockchain implementation at the enterprise level.

The state of art technology core and peripherals are supported by a standardized setup. Hyperledger sawtooth being the core of internal operations renders:

Sustainable private blockchains can be developed to isolate the transactions from the impact of whatever happens in the multilevel API layer.

Developmental Flexibility
Utilization of common programming languages to develop precise solutions to support enterprise operations.

High scale performance
Multithread operations enhance the productivity and even the consensus algorithm can be altered.

What do OmegaX platform users gain?

The first ever integrated platform allows individuals, enterprises, state institutions, and even the un-registered organizations to fully or partially integrated with the myriad of services and products available.  

The noteworthy thing about the platform is that it has a Marketplace apart from its own set of products and services. The users integrated with the platform are free to offer their services in the OmegaX Marketplace. The key products of OmegaX platform are:

Assets Tokenization
After the user verification process, the legally bound tokens can be issued by the user. OmegaX platform ensures the token comply with the international standards.  
Project Acceleration
The tokens initiated by the user can be analyzed against tokens traded on other exchanges. The Merchant services can be used to accept payments in any form of cryptocurrency. The same platform can be used for identity acceleration that can vary from 5 days to 1 business day.
Powered by integration core, the blockchain, PostgreSQL, Stock Exchange, KYC, server support, Web UI and a monitoring system, OmegaX is expected to be an integrated platform of 18 million users.

The Team and Partners

Currently, a team of 15 qualified specialists including CEO Aleksandr Sullivan and CIO Pavel Gubanov is supporting the platform’s stability. Team OmegaX is rapidly evolving with talented developers and technical analysts catching up with more products and services for users.



Addressing the technical needs of the new age digital economy, OmegaX project is engaging in developing products and services rather than just raising capital. It is rendering support to the growth of blockchain enthusiastic institutions in a much simpler way by offering them a multilevel API based platform for ease of adaption. The idea behind offering operated blockchains solves all the compliance and standardization issues and opens up fully integration possibilities between traditional and digital economies.