OPEN WIFI: ICO and Airdrop Review

Oct. 19, 2018 | by Mike Albert,




The internet has grown to become an essential part of our everyday lives; from staying connecting to friends and family to sending an official email, or even shopping online. Sadly, despite the high demand for internet and WiFi services, chances are that at some point or the other, you will find yourself in a location with secured internet access, or in worst case scenario, no access at all. OPEN WiFi is trying to solve this problem.

Open WiFi (OPP) is a blockchain-backed community-driven project that seeks to build a decentralized WiFi hotspot that is secure, open, and free to access for users around the world. The service aims to bring about 25 million people onboard its community of “Hotspot Hosts” over the next four years. Anyone with internet access, whether they use mobile data or paid WiFi to browse, can serve as a hotspot host. 

Open WiFi looks to solve some of the problems facing about 76% of the nearly 2.5 billion smartphone users who are left out of modern society and the 21st-century economy due to lack of access to the internet. Consequently, the Open WiFi initiative encourages smartphone users with paid internet services to contribute their unused bandwidth toward providing access to smartphone users who lack access to the internet either because they live in an area without internet service or cannot afford to pay for bandwidth. By so doing, Open WiFi hopes to eliminate the barriers that prevent millions of smartphone users from being online. 

In exchange for sharing their underused traffic with others, Open WiFi rewards hosts by paying them with Open WiFi’s own cryptocurrency, OPP tokens, on a daily basis. Hosts can convert earned tokens into fiat currency, trade them in the cryptocurrency markets, or use them for online purchases via the Open WiFi online retail mall. Open WiFi runs on the Ethereum platform. 

Market Potential

The Opp Open WiFi approach is a potentially successful one because its idea of giving back to the community makes the system worthy of promotion and widespread adoption, and especially because people are attracted to free stuff. For non-host members, the benefits are easy to see, as adopting Opp Open WiFi means they will be able to gain access to the internet, which they wouldn’t have otherwise. 

The benefits to network hosts also enhance Open WiFi’s prospects for widespread use, as getting paid for unused broadband is something anyone would consider a win-win situation. Overall, the potential benefits of being part of the Open WiFi community will motivate people to join the network to benefit from its generosity or tap new sources of funds. 

Competitive Advantage

OPP Open WiFi is developed and promoted by a team of professionals who know the market and actively seek to make it a reliable, failproof project. In addition, the system’s incentive-based approach gives it a competitive advantage that goes beyond a mere inclination to quality in its conquest of new markets. 

Token Distribution

OPP token has a total supply of 4 billion tokens (OPP), out of which 142 million OPP tokens have been put up for sale at a price of 1 OPP/0.4 USD. Concerning fundraising goals, the OPP Open WiFi project requires a minimum (soft cap) of $4 million, while the maximum (hard cap) amount it is expected to receive is set at $40 million. 



Airdrop Rating

Open WiFi distributes 25 OPP tokens to its community members per friend referred. You can earn OPP tokens through Airdrop by taking the following steps:

•    Register to the Open WiFi site. 
•    Join the Open WiFi group on Telegram
•    Follow them on Twitter 
•    Complete the submission form and follow the instructions on the page.

Join Open Wife Airdrop here.

Ease of Participation
Participation in Open WiFi Airdrop is easy. All you have to do is take a few easy steps. 

25 OPP = 10 USD