PayRue review-Trading cryptocurrency with ease

Feb. 21, 2020 | by Larry Steve

A European-based wallet platform founded in June 2018, PayRue was founded by Mikael Olofsson and Ingemar Svensson. PayRue was established with a mission to provide support for the mass adoption of cryptocurrencies through the deployment of secure and user-friendly applications. The decentralized platform focuses on providing crypto users with the exchange, storage, and transfer capabilities for their digital assets. With their advancing infrastructure and growing customer base, PayRue is in a position that helps them integrate new services and support for cryptocurrencies into their brand.

Features of PayRue

The relatively new cryptocurrency platform holds a lot of value for the end-users, which is realized in their service delivery. They have an array of premier services and features available on their portfolio, some of which includes:

Regulated and Trusted

PayRue Exchange is registered with a code of 14701090 in the United Kingdom; this makes the platform legally fit to render the crypto services it has under its belt. This is to ensure that their users feel safe and protected under its environment. All transactions are initiated with layers of security to eliminate any potential threat to the digital assets of the users.

Transactional Medium

PayRue allows users to send and receive cryptocurrencies through their wallets; the entire transaction history is made available for reference. Users can even make use of QR codes to make payments through PayRue for goods and services procured at physical locations.

Exchange Facilities

A plethora of crypto tokens are supported by PayRue for exchange; cryptocurrencies like BTC, GRG, BAR, ETH, XLM, DAI, USDT, and several others are listed as part of the exchange offerings users have access to on PayRue. Fiat currencies can also be exchanged for virtual currencies through the payment methods available on PayRue. The platform is also designed so that you can buy cryptocurrencies with your debit card.

Native Token

PayRue has its very own cryptocurrency token, Propel, which is registered and available for use on all applications associated with the exchange platform. PayRue offers rewards and discounts for transactions made with its native token. The token is also awarded to users who make referrals that pass through the Know Your Customer (KYC) process. There is a total of 10billion of Propel tokens available, with 50% allocated for distribution to users.

Low Fee Structure

PayRue charges a very low percentage on transactions made on the platform; a commission rate of 0.25% is charged on cryptocurrency exchanges initiated. In cases of transfers and payments made using cryptocurrencies, a commission fee of 0.1% is charged on the total amount of the transaction.


PayRue offers its users the chance to enjoy streamlined transactional processes with their user-friendly interfaces and service delivery system. Their infrastructure is built on the Stellar Blockchain, which makes every transaction very secure. The decentralized platform grants the users with total access and control over their assets, eliminating the need for third-party intermediaries. Also, the user data is guaranteed with a high level of security and resistance against hacks and thefts owing to the decentralized nature of servers. PayRue plans on adding more services as they further develop their infrastructure, services like lending, and borrowing cryptocurrencies to verified users. PayRue is also working on integrating more payment methods within its infrastructure in order to accommodate a diverse consumer base.