PeruCoin Mining & Crypto-asset Services: ICO Review

Oct. 25, 2018 | by Edward,



Following the success of Bits2u cloud mining service, the founders team is launching PeruCoin targeting the $70 billion Peruvian economy. The ambitious project is raising capital for a token to finance a new mining facility as well as crypto-asset investment services.

Key Stats


•         Name/Token Symbol:PERU
•         Platform:ERC20
•         Industry:Hosted Mining & Crypto-asset financial services
•         Price:$6
•         Soft Cap:$5M 
•         Hard Cap:$10M
•         Token Supply:2M
•         Start token sale Date:October 5, 2018
•         End token sale Date: April  2019
•         Website Url: 
•        White Paper

The Market Opportunity 

Bits2u is one of the few cryptocurrency mining farms that is paying out despite volatile cryptocurrency market conditions in 2018. Following the success of Bits2u, the founders team launched the Perucoin ICO to develop the crypto-asset economy in Peru. The funds will continue to finance new mining facilities as a foundation. However, the team is proposing to launch an array of supporting services, including crypto asset trading and banking in a friendly economic climate.  While neighboring South American countries have embraced cryptocurrency to contend with unstable local economies, Peru is lagging far behind in crypto-asset adoption. The potential for growth in a stable economy represents an untapped opportunity available to few companies in the space. The ICO is targeting the Peruvian economy specifically to educate the public about the financial potential of cryptocurrency - and to establish Perucoin as a local blockchain leader. 

The Team

Having launched and managed a successful cryptocurrency mining facility, the team is familiar with the complexities of launching and growing a business in a rapidly developing category. While many token sales come from a completely unrelated business, running a token sale is an organic evolutionary step for the management team. Not only will the team’s existing infrastructure support the ICO - the token sale will also contribute to growing the existing mining facility. Over time, every new component added to the Perucoin ecosystem (e.g. exchange, live events, educational initiatives) will build on previous success and contribute to growth. 


My take

Although cloud mining has become less attractive in the crypto-asset climate of 2019, Perucoin’s existing facility has paid out consistently. Given the the team’s track record, significant potential for crypto-asset adoption, and a relatively stable economic climate - Perucoin represents a unique opportunity in a familiar category. 

Note:  This is purely based on my personal opinion and experience. You are responsible for every investment decision you make. As a rule of thumb, never invest more than you are willing to lose.