Rakun – Rasing the Stakes for Dapp Gaming

July 5, 2019 | by Mike Albert, AirdropRating.io


Rakun is an ecosystem around a game called Crypo-Oink that strives to go viral as a Dapp on the Ethereum network. It revolves around cute little pigs called Cryptons, all unique by nature, with over 3.6 trillion variations of collectible pets. Users breed Cryptons and train them because Crypto-Oink lets you race them in 3D, with prizes to be earned that you can sell on an open marketplace along with spare pets.

Crypt-Oink & Premium Features Explained

Crypt-Oink is one of, if not the most advanced game so far based on blockchain technology. The game generates each pet as non-fungible, or one of a kind life-like creatures whose genetic information lie on the blockchain. Aside from taking care of, breeding and racing, Rakun involves a free marketplace where users can name their price to sell Cryptons and earn tokens.

The other elements that create an immersive experience are splitting the racing part into two game modes, or a free and a premium Gran Ton Rismo challenge. For the premium challenge, gamers have to freeze Raku tokens to enter a challenge, which will make them eligible to win real world prizes. 

Everyone can progress in Rakun and become a winner because the normal racing mode offers Raku tokens and digital items by which you can upgrade a Crypton. Another feature for premium gamers is the official store, where items to be used in races can be sold or bought for crypto.

The Crypt-Oink Community & the Rakun Reward System

The Crypton Diary feature will allow participants to create quality game-related content and receive cryptocurrency in the form of Raku tokens. The aim is incentivize fans and gamers who share stories about the development of their Cryptons, how they felt about theirs or a favorite racer’s performance in events. towards spreading the word of Rakun on Social media and across the internet. 

The Rakun Reward System will make users feel valuable because content creators will get rewarded for their contributions from advertising, or tipping. If a user likes another user’s fandom and wants to see more of it, he can stimulate them to create more by gifting him some Raku.

The Rakun Ecosystem, the Team & Tokenomics

Good Luck 3 Inc., the company behind Rakun has 6 game titles and over 6 million downloads and their track record of success is evident throughout the cleverly conceived ecosystem. Crypt-Oink is the first title to enter Rakun, which connects every new game to the community, a unified marketplace, or RMT for short, a reward system and a tipping system, all under the Raku token. It will allow for an easier introduction to new games which all users can engage in if they’re interested because they own the native token.

Kazuhisa Inoue, the Rakun project founder is a veteran in the domain how social networks and gaming work together, along with the Masaaki Hatamura, the director and producer. An ex Gameloft employee brings a feel of the gaming culture of today, while the rest of the main roles are filled by years of experience in either legal and economic areas that contribute to the picture perfect tokenomics of Rakun, along with experts in blockchain. 


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