Rally - content sharing economy on the blockchain

Dec. 19, 2018 | by Michael, Airdroprating.io


As the internet reached maturity, the content floating around became more impactful. The internet jargons realized the power and potential of content sharing at early stages of internet explosion. Digital monopolies were created leading to content sharing centralization.
Talking in layman terms, Social Media platforms do not actually own any content and are just content sharing platforms but capitalize this content to a tune of billions of dollars every year.

Information sharing is an innate human trait. All the content or information generated on the centralized social media platforms is being sold to enterprises. The platform users are yet to assess the potential of this underutilized asset. Moreover, they are becoming increasingly concerned about privacy issues nowadays. 

Rally is a content sharing economy platform that focuses on directly incentivizing the content contributors over a decentralized platform backed by blockchain. Driving its operational values from the legacy word-of-mouth, gamification, and influencer marketing, Rally builds communities around the business.

What opportunity does Rally bring to content contributors and business?  

In the world where the digital advertising landscape has blown into a US $192 billion industry, centralized platforms are getting paid heavily for content sharing.
Word-of-mouth still remains the most trusted way of information sharing and these centralized platforms know the potential of the content. 

It is the right time to shift the dynamics.
The individual social network holds a lot of potential for the advertisers where the actual content producers also become part of the content sharing economy. The users or content producers on Rally platform will get incentivized when they distribute the advertiser’s content to their social network. Rally allows easy management of all aspects of content sharing economy over the smartphone.

Rally’s offer for advertisers

It allows the advertisers easily and effectively manage the ad budget. The budget can be switched to the user whose content sharing is more effective and who indulges more in the friend-to-friend recommendation.

Rally’s offer for users

For each social engagement or share the user will be able to generate incentives and value at the same time.

Opportunity for the success of Rally 

The growing distrust among the social media platforms users demanded a private communication channel since long. Rally platform targets to give the control of content back to the users. All this while the centralized platforms were shadowing the benefits of content sharing economy from the user. Rally offers a transparent and value generating platform that directly connects advertisers and users. 

How does the content and Value Flow on Rally Platform?

Rally platform empowers the users by generating value for their content contribution. It is a permission-based relationship where the users receive a share of Rally tokens for sharing the content with their social network.

•    The advantage for advertisers comes from the increasing effectiveness and reduced advertising costs.

•    Built over blockchain, Rally renders transparency and security for development of a trustless environment for the users and advertisers.  
•    Backed by Ethereum blockchain a smart contract is established between the users and advertisers. All the engagements and incentives are recorded over the immutable blockchain.

Rally Token will be the future native coin of the Rally mainet. These tokens will act as global currency and will be used to incentivize influencers across the globe.

How can users earn Rally tokens?

The user receives rally tokens when:

•    At the time of joining the Rally platform, the users need to authenticate the profile, download the App and link the existing social media accounts.
•    By sharing content or engaging with an advertiser.
•    Referring to the Rally platform to their social network
•    Community building effort is also incentivized

What is the use of Rally tokens?

•    The users can redeem goods or services from the advertisers on the Rally platform.
•    Tokens can be sent to other platforms for exchange
•    User can play the advertise role to promote his products and services. The tokens he received as a user can be used to incentivize users further.

Future of Rally platform
Rally platform is a community building effort. In the future, more features will be added to the platform such as:
● Gamification
User level gamification will bring in enhanced engagement.

● User channels
Rally chats channels will allow users to stay connected to discuss offers of interest.

Referral and recommendation tools will allow advertisers to increase their user base. The use cases of the platform revolve around efficient community Building, event Promotion, Charitable Causes, employee Advocacy and Local Business promotions using content sharing.