Roobee – An Investment Platform for the Digital Generation

June 22, 2019 | by Mike Albert,

On the surface, Roobee adds crypto as a means for automated, or smart investing platforms, and integrates digital asset management to the standard markets of today. However, the technology is almost there at the IEO stage together with a concrete plan of action, will gain them more support than mere promises among people who know blockchain tech. Clients can already join the MVP launch waitlist, and the practical manner of the Roobee project earned them about $4.5 million in Ethereum even before the general public can start to chip in.

The Basics of what the Roobee Platform Offers

Let’s start with the strong sides of the Roobee platform, namely the soon to be launched beta App. Users should be much safer using Apps, which unfortunately isn’t the norm as of yet. More so, the beta of the Roobee wallet release date is early next year, together with their blockchain. It is also noteworthy to mention they’ve already gotten clearance for storing and exchanging cryptocurrency.

While we hold our thumbs in excitement, if we take a look at the landing page, there’s more information on it than your average project. Even though using the Roobee platform is explained in seven steps, and there are eight main components of the ecosystem, we like that everything is broken down in a manner that is easy to understand. Another plus for Roobee is the IEO token distribution instead of an ICO, simply because exchanges that will sell it put their reputation and name behind it, giving users one more reason for trust. 

This is an opportunity for the young generation who hold digital assets, many of whom haven’t taken advantage of wealthtech, to invest in property, before they need to buy it themselves or to contribute a pension plan. Everyone can begin using Roobee as the minimum investment is only 10$ because it covers the most expensive part of paying for accredited investors. There are many options including equity, startups, investment funds, IPO stocks, and crypto projects, to name a few.

Superior Technology & the Robee Token Uses 

Roobee is being built on first-class technological platforms and services providers, with IBM as the provider for the solution built on Hyperledger. Along with BitGo, they vouch the Roobee platform goes above and beyond the securities of an App, building the tech of this project on a top of the line infrastructure. 

The Roobee token is used to get exclusive access to assets in high demand that are more likely to yield higher returns. Fear not, there’s also an incentivized effort for the community of 300000 and counting, where productive members will get to reap rewards. Tokens can allow you to gain a sort of premium membership or reduce the fee of your income from financial entities outside the network. On the inside, users will have a voice and be able to vote for new features or tools by using their Roobee tokens.

From the very start, Roobee will enable crypto management and provide stock and financial asset investments by the year's end. In the meanwhile, the team will work on legalities and agreements, while the Roobee blockchain should be operational by Q3 next year, along with the wallet and new options for earning a percentage on your funds.

The Team behind Roobee

One of the co-founders, Artem Popov is establishing connections with exchanges and blockchain powerhouses. A project always get added value from proactive leadership while the best relations are still established face to face. Not to undermine the rest of the staff, all of whom come from leadership roles in big business, strategically picked to cover regions where Roobee plans to spread.
The team doesn’t have a classic advisory board, but there’s top tech talent mixed with experts who probably accepted this as a challenge, despite the fact they could’ve gone for a high-paying, standard job. Some of the human resource assets are a grand-prize winning developer of a contest held by Vitalik Buterin and Storj together with two legal companies that will spearhead Roobee for financial operation licensing.