RoyalCBank review – Trading cryptocurrencies with a trusted broker

Feb. 15, 2020 | by Nicole Adams


Everyone is aware of the cryptocurrency because it took no time to get the attention of people. The concept of crypto trading brought a revolution in the world and it has become the trend of today’s world. Since the evolution of the first cryptocurrency Bitcoin, crypto trading has changed so many lives of people by making them rich. Nowadays, the quickest way to become rich and wealthy is crypto trading. Therefore, it has become so much valuable and important for people. You can say that it is the ultimate need of today’s people.

However, crypto trading cannot be done without the help of a broker. With various brokers available in the market where most of the brokers are a scam, it is difficult to find out a suitable and regulated broker. Sometimes, people hand over themselves into the wrong hands and therefore, they lose chunks of their money. You do not have to lose your money because you can start your trading with RoyalCBank which is a regulated broker. It provides you a safe and secure trading environment where you can execute your trading successfully. I have introduced you to RoyalCBank. Now, let me tell you more details about this broker and what facilities it offers to you.

RoyalCBank Overview

RoyalCBank is a trusted and dedicated cryptocurrency and Forex CFD broker that was launched by former equity and crypto traders. This cryptocurrency broker helps users to improve their trading performance in the market.

RoyalCBank has its own cutting edge technology that uses high-frequency trading (HFT). The crypto broker monitors and analyzes all the digital transactions by using supercomputers and algorithmic combined with a team of specialists and analysts.
You can rely on this crypto investment platform because it offers you a wide range of cryptocurrencies to trade in the market and provides reliable pricing and superior tools that help you to gain exceptional trading experience. RoyalCBank also understands and realizes the need for and importance of regulation for a broker.

RoyalCBank makes the crypto trading simple, smart, and easy for you. The company provides both experienced and new traders interactive methods so that they could grasp all the trading principles. If you are a member of RoyalCBank, then you do not have to look out for your accounts as the broker monitors all of your accounts 24/7.

RoyalCBank offers Profitable and Robust crypto assets for trading

This crypto investment platform has chosen cryptocurrencies as the main trading asset keeping in view the importance and demand of cryptocurrency in today’s world. RoyalCBank understands that cryptocurrency is an opportunity for users to earn huge profits from trading crypto assets.

You will have a clear cut idea that there is a wide range of crypto assets available in the crypto market. Keeping in view the users’ need and demand for earning huge profits, the company has picked profitable and robust crypto assets for trading. Most people know only about the leading digital asset Bitcoin but apart from this coin, there are also some other popular cryptocurrencies available in the market such as Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, etc. By trading with these profitable and robust digital assets on the RoyalCBank platform, users can gain huge profits.

RoyalCBank trading education center helps users

Well, the ultimate goal of the company is to provide users with as many facilities as they can. One of them is the education of trading provided by RoyalCBank. Its trading education material includes videos, e-books, news, charts, historical prices, and market cap which nearly cover everything you need to know about the cryptocurrency trading. 
Actually, this trading education material is most beneficial for beginners who do not possess much of the trading experience. They can get access to this education center available on the platform. Trading education also helps users to make suitable trading strategies for successful and profitable trading.

RoyalCbank assists users in making Trading Strategies

The cryptocurrency trading cannot be executed successfully until you have suitable trading strategies for trading. If you come up without some trading strategies then you will fail to earn huge profits. Therefore, it is important to plan trading strategies before entering into live crypto trading. But the question is how you can make suitable trading strategies that are applicable in the case of cryptocurrencies.
In this case, RoyalCBank assists users in making proper and best trading strategies. All of the successful and effective trading strategies such as swing trading or scalping can be used in the case of cryptocurrency. For this purpose, RoyalCBank provides you with a variety of methods and approaches which help you to gain success in trading. Along with strategies, it also provides classic trading tools and indicators that can be used in crypto trading.

RoyalCBank has Membership of Financial Commission

Crypto users need regulated brokers for their crypto trading. As the market is full of scam brokers therefore users would hesitate to choose a broker that is not regulated by any international organization. RoyalCBank understands how valuable the regulation is for the users and therefore, it has been regulated under the Financial Commission. RoyalCBank has the membership of FinaCom since 11th June 2019. Financial Commission is a dispute resolution and independent international service that guarantees the honest and timely resolution of disputes related to the crypto trading or Forex trading.
RoyalCBank has been given the highest level of brokers’ reliability that is A Category. Since the broker is regulated under FinaCom, it means that all of its customers are safe and secure under this international organization and the services that they use are qualified and meet the standards of the Financial Commission. Also, the clients of this company are protected by the Compensation funds which serve as an insurance policy. Each member of the company can claim compensation of up to $20,000.

Security is the Priority of RoyalCBank

Security and privacy is the basic requirement of the users. When you are trading on the platform of RoyalCBank, then you do not have to worry about your assets and funds because your assets remain in the safe hands. It is the priority of RoyalCBank to provide the security of your assets and funds. The broker offers a high level of security with the help of its high-level security experts whose job is to protect your accounts, your crypto assets, and your personal account information.

In order to provide security to your assets, RoyalCbank uses advanced security technologies. It has quality security systems such as Firewalls and Secure Socket Layering (SSL) technology. This well-established and top-notch technology prevent and restrict unauthorized access to this trading platform, hence, customers’ personal information and data remain safe and secure. Also, all of your information and data become encrypted as soon as you complete your login process. 

Signing up on RoyalCBank is very easy 

Whenever you want to get access to a crypto broker for trading and decide to use its services then you will surely have to sign up on their particular website. Some brokers in the market offer a very difficult, time-consuming, and frustrating signing up process. Such kind of complexity makes users annoyed and they get disappointed as a result, they decide not to contact with such a broker. Because when users plan to start trading cryptocurrencies, they would not wish to spend and consume much of their time merely on signing up. Therefore, they go for a broker that offers an easy signing up process.
When users get disappointed with other brokers of the market, then they direct themselves toward RoyalCBank which proves the best choice for them. Signing up on this trading platform is very easy and simple. Unlike other brokers, it offers a relieving and less time-consuming signing up process. It would only take a few minutes to get registered on it. In order to get started with RoyalCBank, you simply have to submit your personal details such as your name, email address, password, and country of residence. As soon as you provide these details, you become a member of this broker.

Various Types of Accounts offered by RoyalCBank

A variety of crypto brokers is circulating in the crypto market but it is very rare to see a broker that offers numerous types of accounts. When you search out the market, you would get to know that most of the brokers do not exceed the limit from 3 to 4 while offering various account options. However, you will also find a rare broker that is deeply concerned with the needs of customers. RoyalCBank offers a wide range of accounts with various features to help users get an account that is suitable for them. The company has six types of accounts for its customers. You will get access to these accounts as soon as you complete your registration. Here are these six types of accounts and see what features these accounts offer.

1)    Basic account: The first kind of account that RoyalCBank offers is a Basic account. This account is for those who just begin their trading journey and do not have the trading experience. If you choose the Basic account for trading and want to open it, then you should have almost $250 because this is the minimum requirement of this account and without this amount, you would not be able to open this account. However, you would not regret it after opening this account because it has numerous features to offer. For instance, you will receive a welcome bonus of 30% as soon as you start it. Apart from this, you will have the facility of education center from where you can get any kind of help or guidance that you need while trading. Other features of the Basic account include 24/6 support, daily market review, PRO webinars, and Price alerts.

2)    Beginner account: Beginner account is the second type of account that you will find on this trading platform. As the name beginner suggests, it is for those who have a little bit of experience in the crypto trading. The minimum requirement of a deposit for the Beginner account is more than the Basic account. You will be required to deposit an amount of $10,000 to open this account. As the depositing amount increases, therefore, the company also increases your welcome bonus to 40%. In the Beginner account, you will also get an additional feature of a junior account manager. The importance of having an account manager is that you get proper instructions while trading cryptocurrencies. You also receive other features along with this additional bonus feature.

3)    Medium account: After that, the third kind of account that you will come across while trading on RoyalCBank is a Medium account. When users succeed to gain more experience in trading then they can avail the opportunity to open this account. To get started with this account, you will need an amount of $25000 for deposit. The company gives a 60% welcome bonus to those who select Medium account for trading. As this account is for well-experienced users, therefore, the company provides them the facility of a senior account manager. The rest of the features remain the same.

4)    Advanced account: The fourth option is the advanced account. RoyalCBank offers this kind of account to advanced users who can take risks in trading. These users can open this account with a $50,000 deposit. Among its all other features, the best feature of the Advanced account is that you get a VIP account manager, as well as the ratio of the welcome bonus, also increases to 70%.

5)    PRO account: The fifth type of account that RoyalCBank offers is the PRO account. Everyone wants to have Pro account for their trading but only the professional and expert traders can get access to this account. The professional users will need a $100,000 deposit to open this account. In terms of features, both advanced account and Pro account remain alike. However, the users of Pro account receive a welcome bonus of 80% as compared to the users of the Advanced account.

6)    VIP account: This is the last kind of account. RoyalCBank has reserved this account only for the exclusive clients. This account is only accessible for traders if they make themselves eligible for it. For this purpose, traders will have to fulfill some conditions and requirements. And in order to get more information about this account, traders are suggested to contact their account managers. Your account manager will provide you details about the VIP account.

All of these six types of accounts offered by RoyalCBank are valuable. The company has designed them keeping in view the users’ needs. Users can select any particular account which meets their demand.

Depositing your fund into RoyalCBank account is simple

Users hate to waste time while depositing funds. The depositing process should be easy, simple, and quick. However, this is possible for the users of RoyalCBank. To deposit your funds into the RoyalCBank account is simple and quick. The company assists users if they face any problem while depositing their funds. In order to deposit your funds, you will have to go through four steps. Here are these four steps:

    First of all login to your account and then click on the Deposit funds button.
    After that select the preferred payment method
    Then fill up the file information
    In the end, click the deposit and start trading.

The minimum deposit that you are required to fund is 250 which can be made in USD, GBP or EURO and the minimum investment required to open your trade is 10 and it depends upon the currency of your country. RoyalCBank offers various payment methods that you can use to fund your account. These payment methods include Visa/MasterCard, Wire Transfer method, and Cryptocurrency. Users can choose any of these payment methods. However, the Wire Transfer method can take 5-7 days to process your funds. As soon as your transaction gets completed, you would be able to see it on your account balance.

Withdrawal Process with RoyalCBank is a Piece of cake

Along with depositing your fund, the process of withdrawing your funds is also very easy and quick. With RoyalCBank, the withdrawal process is just a piece of cake. In order to make a withdrawal, you need to click on the withdrawal request button on My account page. After that, specify the amount that you want to withdraw and then choose a payment method. The funds will be received via your account used for depositing. 

If you are using a Credit card or Wire Transfer method for withdrawal, then it can take 5-10 days to receive the funds. On the RoyalCBank trading platform, you also have the option to cancel the withdrawal request. If your request does not fully process, then it is possible to cancel that request. The minimum amount required for withdrawal is 10 depending upon the currency of your country. Apart from this, RoyalCBank does not charge any commission for withdrawal.

The RoyalCBank support team is always there for you to help

When you trade with cryptocurrency, you may find some problems. If you are a member of RoyalCBank, then you need not worry about your issues because the support team of RoyalCBank is always there to help you with your problems. You might face issues in depositing, withdrawing, creating an account or some other technical issues then you can contact the customer support team of this broker without any hesitation. Moreover, there is a variety of FAQs available on the company’s official site. These FAQs provide much help to users. However, for further details, you can contact them via their email [email protected]

Why Choose RoyalCBanK?

Apart from the above-mentioned facilities, the followings are its features that attract the attention of people:
    Excellent Reputation: RoyalCBank has an excellent reputation because it offers high-quality services. It has gained a brilliant experience with years of successful trading and by using the services of this broker you also get the experience of trading.
    Time-saving: One of the amazing features of this trading platform is that it does not let you waste your time. With the help of its trusted brokers, it trades your crypto assets and manages your accounts as a result, you gain more profit in trading. By using this broker, you can save you time.
    Professional Planning: RoyalCbank has a professional team of experts and specialists that are well-experienced. These specialists have a long history of developing winning trading plans. With the help of these specialists, it assists you in making professional planning that helps you trade successfully and as a result, makes you wealthy.


RoyalCBank is the most advanced trading platform in the crypto market because it ensures the high speed of transactions and responsive trading interface. RoyalCBank is known as the leader of social trading. It is an excellent, trusted, and most comprehensive trading platform. The brokers that are available on this trading platform are the professional in the field of crypto trading. With its top-notch technology, it guarantees the security and safety of your information and your assets. If you have not yet considered this trading platform for trading cryptocurrencies, then you should consider it now. You would not like to miss out on the facilities that it offers. And if you want to trade like a pro then it is the best choice for you. So if you find this crypto broker trusted and reliable, then do not waste your time and get yourself registered on RoyalCBank.