SoxBet review

June 22, 2020 | by Larry Steve

SoxBet is a decentralized gaming (DApp) website built using the latest technologies in game development. Their primary objective is to become an industry-leading hub where users can safely stake their assets in hopes of winning returns on their investment. Operations at SoxBet is driven by three working principles, namely Transparency, Fairness, and Wealth Distribution. SoxBet is built on the SonicX infrastructure, which is based on the Blockchain technology. The SONICX is designed to facilitate secure and fast peer-to-peer transactions; it acts as a tokenized system for online gaming as well as content storage. You can trust SoxBet because it makes use of smart contracts to ensure optimum transparency during transactions.


There are so many exciting and unique features users can enjoy on SoxBet. These features are created to enrich the cryptocurrency and gaming community. The decentralized platform aims to provide benefits and fair play to all its stakeholders. Here are some of what SoxBet has in stock for you:

• Blockchain Casino: SoxBet is, first and foremost, a cryptocurrency gaming platform, meaning you can access a wide variety of games. There are several games under the Casino and Slot Games categories; these games are developed by top companies in the game development space. Interested players can choose to try their luck and win big by participating in either of these sections: the Sports Bet, Lottery, Binary Option, and Forex. There are Poker tournaments held regularly on SoxBet; you can join the race and stand a chance to win prizes worth millions of dollars

• Supported Assets: The SoxBet DApp supports the use of popular cryptocurrency tokens; this includes Bitcoin (BTC ), Ethereum (ETH), LiteCoin (LTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), U.S. Dollar ($USD), and Tether (USDT). SoxBet has its cryptocurrency token, the SOX; all of these tokens are pegged at the current market value. You can buy the native token, SOX, on the gaming platform and use it for making cross-border payments. There are several ecosystem products, native to SoxBet, which you can use to trade your digital assets.

• Full Transparency: SoxBet strives to secure the safety of users’ digital assets; all transactions are processed through smart contracts accessible on SONICX. Users are given the freedom to choose different transaction seeds; a random seed is generated for every new transaction activated by the users. A Random Number Generator (RNG) system is used to create random SHA-256 hashes that keeps everything fair at all times.

• Fast Transactions: SoxBet has access to several functions from the underlying technology, SONICX; the gaming platform makes use of Masternodes and Supernodes for processing and verifying transactional activities. Users are hence provided with a scalable network that offers high transaction speeds. The payment network can produce bigger blocks at a fast and steady rate. The Masternodes and Supernodes are controlled by the SONICX Consensus Mechanism (SXCM) governance system. This system is designed to increase the number of possible transactions within a given timeframe.



Access the gaming platform today to enjoy the benefits of their betting apps as well as the platform itself. Any acquired winnings or assets can be transferred to your preferred wallet; you can also choose to keep them in your SONICX wallet. SoxBet fosters partnerships with other developers and intends to increase its expansion to other blockchains.