Tauschblock – Turning Data into Value for the Retail Marketplace

Aug. 18, 2019 | by Mike Albert, AirdropRating.io

So far, the only use of blockchain technology to improve retail was in online, social media-style Apps. Tauschblock figured out a way to motivate shoppers, giving them fair compensation for their information. Tausch means exchange in German, enabling companies to acquire data for analysis, deliver targeted marketing and a better experience for customers across shopping malls.

Solving the Root Problems of Commerce

Companies are turning towards E-Commerce because it’s easier to get results from their marketing efforts. Shoppers share info online with favorite stores willingly, while retail stores in shopping malls haven’t developed tools to innovate advertising. Tauschblock’s solution maintains the live customer experience, offering improvements for clients while revolutionizing customer relations and promotional efforts for shops.

Unlike digital businesses, retail shops in malls didn’t have a legitimate reason to acquire customer details nor the tools to process them. Tauschblock solves that, utilizing existing infrastructure such as tablets or kiosks for clients to enter their data in exchange for their token, TUC. For this purpose, they’ve developed AIR PLATFORM and One Mall, Apps compatible with such devices as well as the mobile devices of users.

The Digital Benefits of Classic Shopping

The Tausch server gathers the information, labeled Tausch User Data (TUD). One storage point for multiple locations, or sources, makes it possible to get a better understanding of how efficient the customer journey is. Machine learning helps to find behavior patterns and improve sales based on all data gathered from the client’s journey. 

Their blockchain conducts Smart Contracts to reward participants, where the nature of D.L.T. makes sure there is no abuse of the system. Essentially, TUD is exchanged for TUC, while the underlying technology enables to incentivize shoppers in a way that the stores that issue the coins aren’t at a loss. More importantly, end-users won’t feel like ads are imposed upon them, keeping the pleasant feeling that comes naturally with classic shopping.

Tauschblock’s value stems from being an applied blockchain technology project that links real-life businesses with customers and their IOT devices. It already has two starting points in South Korea and Singapore, eyeing big potential for expansion in Southeast Asia. Along with the fact it comes at a time when volatility is much lower in the world of crypto, it is easy to see a prosperous future outlook for Tauschblock. 

The Tauschblock token (TUC) and Allocation

TUC is received in exchange of data but has many applications in the store. It can be used for getting every little detail about desired products or transferred from one user to another. Tauschblock also plans to get TUC listed on crypto exchanges and there’s always the possibility of integrating it for in-store purchases.

After the initial release, more tokens will be released upon demand so that TUC keeps its value. The percentage allocated to the team & advisors indicates an enviable projected demand for tokens. Tauschblock doesn’t undermine the infrastructure which, when viewed from an IT standpoint, always leaves a positive impression.

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