The Decentralized Whale Which You Can Join - AMFEIX

July 30, 2019 | by Mike Albert,

AMFEIX Fund is a digital investment platform that lets you invest in Bitcoin in the company’s pool of digital assets. Once you become a member, the company invests and trades cryptocurrencies with a goal of returning the profit to investors. The value of the company’s digital assets increases with the number of the investors that enter into the cryptocurrency industry.
Since growing an individual’s Bitcoin holding by trading requires more time, patience, and experience, AMFEIX will do this on behalf of the investor by making use of his pool of funds and professionalism in the crypto market. This will lead to the provision of investors with the best possible return on their capital since the experts constantly manage and continuously research the funds.

AMFEIX Constantly Manages your Funds

AMFEIX manages funds through a number of positions, in both short and long-term strategies. For example, 54.5% of their portfolio is allocated to their short- term strategy through their trading desks where the company makes a number of regular trades and pairings using crypto-to-fiat and crypto-to-crypto pairings. The pairings are chosen based on their project returns and their histories, which indicate a previous high performance and a strong potential for future gains.
The company’s long-term holding is allocated 45.5% of the fund allocation, which is equally distributed among the three most performing cryptocurrencies in the market. Of all this allocation, Ripple comprises 20% of the long-term holdings, ETH 22%, and BTC 58%. The top three mainstream cryptocurrencies represent the potential for significant gains while also keeping the company’s total portfolio slightly stable and protected against unforeseen risks.

How Can You Get Started?

For you to start investing in AMFEIX Fund, you are required to create a wallet using the link on their website. The wallet operates on Ethereum Network, hence it is completely decentralized. The decentralized nature of this wallet ensures security for the holder since no government or entity can control or affect your wallet. In addition, the wallet is further secured with 12 random keys used to link your device to your account. This requires a password of 8 characters. This wallet can be used to track all investments gains, referrals, deposits, and withdrawals.

Transferring Your Funds

Once your wallet is up and running, you’ll need to transfer Bitcoin from either your exchange of choice or another existing wallet. Upon sending your Bitcoin to the AMFEIX wallet, your balance at the top corner should reflect the amount of Bitcoin that you transferred to the wallet. One can invest in the funds by clicking on the “AMFEIX Fund” tab. After this, click on the “Investment confirmation” tab.
AMFEIX Fund has no limitation period for which one can invest and this gives you the freedom to exit the fund at any time you choose. This freedom is guaranteed since they believe in working closely with investors hence giving them full access to their funds without any restrictions. No flat fees other than the 20% profit fee are charged by the company.  This implies that the company only makes money if an investor makes a profit from their investment.
The company will share the profits earned by an investor in the split ratio of 2:8, whereby the company gets 20% of the profit and the investor gets 80%. aims to empower crypto investors by giving them the opportunity to invest with the experts. Cryptocurrency investment has never been easier.