The perfect risk hedger for a volatile market

Jan. 29, 2019 | by Bitcrore team

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The Perfect Blockchain Solution to Protect your Crypto Investment

The cryptocurrency landscape is very volatile. The jolts of irregular price trends are almost unpredictable. With these, securing your crypto investment is a complex and risky task. This insecurity has been a significant hindrance holding back investment entities with the financial volume to resolve the illiquidity in the crypto market.
The bitcrore team and other members of its foundation are pioneering the perfect solution for this illiquidity and investment risk. Bitcrore uses a unique and efficient price control protocol, which simulates standard price regulatory policies used by central banks, around the world, to maintain a pegged price range. Unlike conventional peg currencies, the Bitcrore price control protocol allows its price to rise predictably.

Bitcrore’s Present Token Value
Currently in its ICO phase, with a token selling for as low as $0.28 from now till February 15; when it will rise to $0.31 per token, till March 05th. By calculation, the protocol will control the total token supply with a target price growth range of $0.3-1.2 from 2019 to 2020.

The Bitcrore Token and its Market
With just 100 million total supply, this system is built to power three industrial use cases which are the debit card market, the crypto exchange market, and the e-commerce market. All three of these markets are worth over $6 trillion. As little as a 10% penetration will mean a market volume of $600 billion been pumped into the crypto market. By implication, that market will be 3X as liquid as it is in January 2019.

Token Usage
On the Bitcrore network, transaction fees, listing fee, and withdrawal fee will be charged in BC tokens on its exchange. Also, escrow fees, Ad fees, on the marketplace, will be with this token. There are several other uses not listed here.

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