The Stellerro Platform (STRO) - STO Review

June 19, 2019 | by Mike Albert,

The starting point of Stellerro’s STO mission launch is bringing traditional capital and promising assets side by side with a growing crypto populace. It’s a signal that the average person is starting to take virtual currency seriously and legal frameworks for it have matured. At the same time, Stellerrois paving the way for security tokens in the European region, giving them the pole position in a very lucrative market. 

Three Parts and Three Phases of Development of the Platform

Stellerro is creating a threefold platform, consisting of enlisting investors, tokenizing real estate, companies, and startups, together with a marketing component. Represented by the STRO symbol, it will allow people to buy exclusive equity, shares in a company or for acquisitions. The people behind the project are crypto veterans, financial or legal experts, so the fact they did part of the work upfront gives assurance that the tokenomics of the ecosystem are in safe hands.

With a firm grasp of how events will unfold in the near future, STROs have only to gain from diversifying their usage in the following phases. On their second checkpoint, Stellerro aims to involve private and capital holdings, availing an even wider range of assets, but the buck doesn’t stop there. Their final goal is a full scope of financial services for corporations and conglomerates or a full migration towards a digital economy.

Stellerro’s future phases are by-yearly, indicators of a quick expansion where they chose the perfect spot to begin their venture. Even though Europe missed the boat for regulating ICOs, It set plans in motion to regulate security tokens. In Stellerro’s case, their STO is registered with the European Securities and Markets Authority.

Fund Allocation Overview

The bottom down approach Stellerro use means their funds are allocated based on professionals in financial analysis, with no guesswork going on. Stellerro knows that time needs to be factored into the equation when it comes to all staff, so even if they don’t reach the Hard Cap, the platform will still roll out. 
They still have the funding for R&D and marketing to stay relevant and seize any opportunity that comes their way. Moreover, whether Stellerro reaches their 500K Euro Soft or 5 Million Hard Cap, mostly dedicated to R&D, tell of their financial background and discipline with shareholder funds, in spite of the future ambitions of the project.

The Team behind Stellerro   

A team with the size of a small community shows Stellerro went through preparation before the launch, but it’s the quality that matters, and there’s enough to go around for more than one project. The rich blockchain related history of four Co-founders, six people in management with years of experience, and five advisors can catapult Stellerro once it finds firm ground. They’re ready for success, with a lot of competent people in junior and senior roles, meaning the team will not have to look for staff on the go when the Stellerro platform comes in full effect.  

Quick Summary

The sheer capacities of the team members in blockchain tech, finance, and legal human resources mean they don’t need crypto as much as crypto needs them. None of the team members would benefit from the project if it ends up tarnishing their reputation. In other words, if there is a risk involved in digital asset investing, this might be as low as it gets.

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