Veron – A Multipurpose App & a Debit Card with no Strings Attached

Sept. 26, 2019 | by Mike Albert,

A Gateway for Crypto to the Real World

The first novelty that Veron brings is exactly what many people would like to see next out of crypto, an exchange linked with a debit card to be used for everyday purposes. It is a digital asset but what makes the entire ecosystem larger than the sum of the parts is security together with global availability. More so, aside of offering a complete package when it comes to blockchain and fintech, Veron introduces a second innovation with their nano distributed ledger system.

The Veron exchange is inclusive to people where withdrawals to fiat are unavailable because it’s linked with a debit card that works with standard payment infrastructures. All one needs to do is sell their digital assets through a fiat pairing to be able to pay with it, but that’s not all that is on offer. Veron’s App has the capacity to accept crypto as a vendor in retail, or online stores worldwide, taking the middlemen out of the picture. By this, the project draws attention to digital assets, especially stable coins which aren’t susceptible to volatility and thus, most suitable for a standard currency substitute.

All of the above avails a system with the convenience of banks where it might not be available because of location or debt, with lower fees and faster withdrawals and deposits. The Veron App’s versatility allows users trading along with smart investments, which is all that most will ask for using and managing their assets. It means that one doesn’t need to switch between Apps for tapping into the resources they need, while the investments are how Veron contributes to the financially underprivileged.

Technology Breakdown, the Team & Vision

The Veron exchange, a crucial component to the ecosystem uses A.I. for trades and a nano distributed ledger. The project's creators have gone out of their way to secure it, without cutting corners in the most sensitive aspects. A nano distributed ledger is at the forefront of blockchain technology where all praise is due to Veron for coming up with blockchain architects to construct it. Through it, separate blockchains can be created so the exchange itself can’t be compromised as a whole.

It’s no surprise that such a sophisticated project is a joint venture of multiple companies throughout Asia, focused on distributed ledger technology and fintech. For investors, it will give an opportunity to access professionals in the trade, all made possible through the Veron fund. As a digital asset, Veron has already made partnerships in the gaming industry which will allow it to be traded for other virtual currencies, as today the best strategy is selling a product before it’s launched. Not only does this provide credibility through results, but it also spreads awareness and brings much-needed attention for its growth.

The C.E.O., Yoshimi Takashi is a veteran in the financial domain with a proven track record. Veron is steered in the right direction, as the remittance field is a perfect match for the project’s product. Getting a portion of that market is a recipe for success for the Veron card and the App. Crypto seems to be just what international money transfers have been looking for. 

The accompanying services available through the Veron App can evolve how business is being made on a local level. Enabling merchants in lower-income countries to participate in the finance sector through micro-investments is one of the possibilities Veron offer where the digital economy gives a boost to the ones that need it the most.  

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