Why Should Airdrops Be Rated?

June 24, 2018 | by Michelle, Airdroprating.io

The crypto market has been loosely described as a wild west because of its volatile price fluctuations, and how easy it is for virtually anybody to put a team together and hype a project with the aim of scamming unsuspecting victims.

Airdrops have become quite popular in the crypto space and it is one of the ways to make a passive income as a crypto enthusiast. Most airdrops require participants to perform simple tasks such as joining a Telegram group, retweeting a post, filling a KYC form, or inviting others (referrals) to earn more. But just as with most things in life, airdrops have their good and bad aspect. Good because it is literally free money, and bad because fraudsters may come under the guise of airdrops to steal customer information. Also, in comparison with the level of tasks you may be required to perform, some airdrops may not be worth the stress. So, here are 4 top reasons why every airdrop should be rated.

To Avoid Scams

There’s a popular saying, “all that glitters is not gold”, and this is entirely true in the crypto space. You may have come across offers that read: “send 0.5ETH to xyz wallet and get 1ETH in 5 minutes”. Most people will fall for a mouth-watering offer promising money for absolutely nothing.

To Prevent Malicious Apps

Ideally, airdrops require you to perform simple tasks. However, there may be cases where you are required to try out a beta version of an app. Downloading and installing such apps could compromise your system, exposing you to malware.

Value of Airdrop

As earlier stated, is the work really worth it? It’s a total waste of time joining an airdrop’s Telegram group, retweeting their posts, or even signing up on their platform for say $0.001. When you factor in how much time and the cost of internet data, this may not be worth it.

May Become Complicated

The fact that airdrops are free does not mean they should be overly complicated to sign up on. And if it is, then you’d need a “how-to” guide.

In conclusion, when all of these are put together, it becomes easy to see why a rating of airdrops is extremely important. Nobody has all day to search through the good, bad, and ugly of airdrops. And this is why airdroprating.io is at the forefront giving users a list of top and latest airdrops in the crypto space.