Wunderbit review

April 10, 2020 | by Larry Steve


Wunderbit is a European FinTech platform which offers numerous digital products and solutions that users can access for transactions involving the use of cryptocurrencies. Founded in 2018, Wunderbit provides a streamlined medium of trading and investing in digital currency without any lag in performance and service delivery.

Perfect for new users, Wunderbit can serve entry point into the world of cryptocurrency and the numerous benefits it contains. The platform allows both new and expert crypto investors to enter the market through the use of Fiat Currency like USD, EUR, and others.

Investors can only purchase the most popular crypto tokens in the market, such as BTC, BCH, BNB, LTC, XLM, XRP, and ETH. The reason behind this is that Wunderbit bases its structure on a finite number of products and solutions which can be used in the real world.


There are several impressive features Wunderbit has for active traders who are looking to make a profit on their investments. Here are some of the premier features you will find on Wunderbit:

• SOCIAL TRADING: Wunderbit offers its users access to a social trading medium which can be used to connect and engage with experienced investors whom you can learn from. By following their trading patterns and activities, you can gain an insight into the technical aspect of trading. The goal of Wunderbit to foster sophisticated trading activity and capital management by focusing on two integral factors- optimum analysis and decision-making. Wunderbit is linked to Binance, Bittrex, FTX derivatives (futures trading), FTX, and Kraken (spot trading), where you can engage with the actual cryptocurrency trading takes place.

• TRADING TOOLS: Access to basic and sophisticated trading tools is made available on Wunderbit; there is a multi-exchange trading terminal that can be used to copy-trade the best traders in the market. There’s also an On-The-Counter (OTC) desk, which can be used to execute larger trades without incurring any ‘slippage.’ Trading bots are integrated into the platform for users to test and complement their trading strategies. You can also automate the execution of a trade based on preset parameters.

• CLEAN ASSETS:A portion of the total number of digital tokens are known to be dirty; this is because of malicious and fraudulent activities like money laundering or wallet hacking. This category of tokens is deemed ‘dirty’ and unsafe for investments, which is why Wunderbit designed its platform only to accept incoming transactions after they have been examined or vetted.

• ZERO FEES: One of the most impressive features of Wunderbit is it doesn’t charge traders for the use of all the trading functionalities they have access to. This means an investor can start trading with their capital without having to pay commission on each trade or subscribing to the platform.


Estonia fully licenses Wunderbit as a credible provider of crypto exchange and trading services; all operations are fully transparent and visible for the traders to refer to. Several payment methods have been integrated into the platform to ease the flow of capital. Users can seamlessly buy and sell cryptocurrencies through payment mediums, including credit and debit cards (MasterCard, Visa, and Skrill), as well as SEPA credit transfer. The platform doesn’t store your digital assets for you, but instead, it sends your digital assets to your crypto wallet for safekeeping. You can easily create and verify your account within minutes on Wunderbit, after which you can start trading and investing your cryptocurrency assets easily.