YPTOSPACE Project and Airdrop Review

March 8, 2019 | by Mike Albert, AirdropRating.io

Key Stats

Name/Token Symbol: YPTOspace (YPTO)

ICO Platform:Custom

Industry: Cryptocurrency

Number of Tokens:150,000,000,000

Website Url: https://ypto.space/

White Paper Url: https://static.icoholder.com/files/28902/b7e03f78d2c3aa4aa242177045ed7c5c.pdf


Despite the hype and benefits cryptocurrencies and blockchain transactions are touted for, adoption has been slow. A “global ecosystem dedicated to cryptocurrency,” YPTOspace is working towards speeding up adoption. According to them, current systems are simply impractical and cumbersome; a separate platform for trading another for betting, healthcare, entertainment, and so on. This problem can be likened to having 10 or 20 bank accounts when in essence, 1 or 2 will do just fine.

YPTOspace is trying to solve this problem by creating a unified platform that combines fiat and crypto in one platform while eliminating middlemen.

“YPTOspace is the first solution, which combines the benefits of traditional payment systems with the transactional eff¬iciency, accountability, transparency, speed and pricing of the adoption of cryptocurrencies, crypto assets and the blockchain technology. The model of the platform is revolutionary in that it will be free of fees with the lowest exchange commissions on the market.”

YPTOspace supports a host of applications, which makes it a unique blockchain. First is its peer-to-peer trading platform, otherwise known as TradeYPTO. The most exciting feature of the exchange is ridiculously low-fees. YPTOspace claims it will not charge a dime for transactions.

Pay YPTO is another application on the projects’ ecosystem. It is a zero-fee payment solution that allows users to pay and receive payment in either fiat or cryptocurrency.
Other important products that will make up the ecosystem include:

•    Card YPTO
•    Bank YPTO
•    Bet YPTO
•    Bot YPTO
•    TradeYPTO
•    PayYPTO
•    YPTO Tv
•    YPTO News
•    YPTO Ideas
•    YPTO Chat
•    YPTO Shop

With all these products, it is quite obvious that YPTOspace is working towards an all-inclusive digital solution.



Although details of the team behind the project are still sketchy, their whitepaper claims that there is a diverse team behind YPTOspace. The core team comprises of experts with experience cutting across project management, financial consulting, development of trading systems, design, copywriting and other derivatives. Gregory STOOS is the current CEO and founder of the project. 


YPTOspace has been in development since 2018. However, the project will hit the market in Q1 of 2019 with an ICO, which has been divided into 4 phases. In Q2, YPTOspace will launch its platform comprising of TradeYPTO, PayYPTO, CardYPTO, BetYPTO.

The project plans to release YPTOideas and YPTOchat in Q3, and BotYPTO in Q4. Other products that will be released in 2020 include BankYPTO, YPTOnews, YPTOtv and YPTOshop.



YPTOspace is trying to unify and simplify the crypto space. This is a good thing. Being able to access all your crypto-based assets and products from a single interface is definitely a plus. Their ideas and products are without a doubt top-notch and Nobel. The onus, however, lies in the teams’ ability to pull this off, in terms of building solid products and getting their marketing right.


Airdrop Rating (9.0/10.0)

Details of Airdrop

To participate in the YPTOspace ICO, do the following:

•    Join the YPTOspace Telegram channel and start the bot.
•    Signup on website and verify email.
•    Follow the project on Twitter and retweet pinned post
•    Like on Facebook and share the last post
•    Join project’s Discord channel
•    Submit details to bot

*Users are given an extra 5 YPTO ($0.2) per referral.
Value: 200 YPTO ($8)