Why and how we rate

As you can see on our website, there are many airdrops and giveaways in the crypto and blockchain space. Many crypto companies give free coins and tokens in exchange for performing different simple tasks.

AirdropRating.io is here to make your life easier. We rate all airdrops and giveaways, giving you a final score that determines the real VALUE of each airdrop and gives you a bottom line conclusion. This lets you know which airdrop is worth participating in above another.  

If you decide that you want to participate in multiple airdrops, irrespective of how much monetary value they offer, we recommend you always start with airdrops with the highest ratings. 
Here are the main parameters we consider when rating airdrops:

1. Value of tokens/coins you will receive (in USD)
2. Effort/complexity to join the airdrop
3. The quality of the company behind the airdrop
4. The possibility of tokens/coins going higher in the long run
5. Risk of scam involved in joining 

* It is expedient to note that we do not take any responsibility for your investment decisions. All our ratings are only recommendations.
Ensure that you never share your private key, not with us, anyone, or airdrop site.