CryptoMarketAds – The Blockchain Powered Crypto Marketing Platform

June 4, 2019 | by Mike Albert,

After reading up on CryptoMarketAds, one can’t help but be impressed by the novelty of the idea. With blockchain and crypto advertising banned by all major social media and Google, at this point, it may be obvious that a platform which brings advertisers and publishers together is one of, if not the best unique value proposition. However, what makes the team behind CMA true visionaries is that they started with development back in 2013, way before the ICO boom and the numerous ICO busts. 

That information comes out of the blue, maybe CryptoMarketAds have more creative bones in their body than it appears, and they were just looking for the right timing. Of course, it’s not as simple as that because you need to gather a quality team with the capacity to see it through. They’ve also included crypto exchanges as part of their project, an advanced strategy that truly makes this idea their own.

CryptoMarketAds have really done their homework, where it’s obvious all parties that collaborate are given equal treatment by their system. They even have a live beta, and you can see their workflow alone is an asset in its own right. Where assets are concerned, the gaping void they’re filling will have exchanges swarming over their ERC20 token, especially because they’re factored in the equation.
Picture this – you’ve got the right idea for a project that has anything to do with blockchain tech or cryptocurrency, you have the funding, but when it comes to marketing, all the roads are blocked and, you hit a wall. That’s how any entrepreneur with a feasible blockchain business in his hands feel. CryptoMarketAds have created a new communication channel and its proprietary analytical tools with a clear short-term focus on the crypto advertising market, worth an estimated 40 billion USD by 2021. 

The variety of projects already enlisted in their demo, coupled with a plan to list on new exchanges might have them take the crypto world by storm. The latter stages of the project involve creating a native blockchain to maintain their original service before using it for a bigger bite – the market of goods and services.

Their team is well put together, with experienced young entrepreneurs as founders and quite a few specialists that fit the needs of the project, namely digital marketing experts. That usually means they won’t stray away from their path, because a founder that’s more of a techie might pull the project in that direction. CryptoMarketAds are dedicated to their project and have locked their own funds for their first year as proof. 

An international advisory board with household names is a reason plus why their aim to expand across more lucrative, global markets, seems realistic. Professionals from different backgrounds with the connections and the expertise of how to navigate their project forward are one of the key ingredients in the recipe to success. Their fund allocation is picture-perfect, and the overhead they’ve allowed will keep CryptoMarketAds from experiencing ripples due to potential market volatility.

Instead of piggybacking on blockchain as a trend, in this case, it’s the only way to go about solving a new problem that tackles the industry itself. Anyone who thought all unique ideas were used up by now, think twice. An ambitious long-term project, CryptoMarketAds will have their hands full from day one, enabling them to gain them the know-how and help in building a network for continuous growth.

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